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The Process

Apply clarafuse silicone patches to clean skin, then wear for an hour, or overnight for wow-factor results. Each patch can be used up to 30 times, making it a cost-effective and easy way to treat both wrinkles and stretch marks. Our patches are perfectly shaped for your face and body.

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The Results

You’ll notice tighter, healthier, clearer skin. Scars look faded and stretch marks look diminished. Be proactive: Use patches to prevent wrinkles, too!

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The Science

Dermaclara Beauty™ uses the occlusion process (we call it Silicone Fusion™), which creates a microclimate that draws up moisture to the surface of the skin, helping to heal wrinkles and stretch marks. Silicone Fusion™ is clinically proven to change your skin for the better.

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Silicon Fusion TechnologyTM

Ultimate Body + Face System

$83.99 ($183.94 value)

Leave no inch uncovered and get clear, radiant, wrinkle-free, and stretch mark-free skin with our Ultimate Face + Body System. Our comfortable, hard-working clarafuse Silicone Fusion patches get rid of the appearance of wrinkles and lines on your face, neck, and chest, as well as diminish the appearance of stretch marks anywhere on your body.
What's Included

1 clarafuse patch for your body

5 clarafuse patches for your face

1 claraprep cleanser

1 clarasome moisturizer

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Dermatologist-Approved Products

Complete Body System

Silicon Fusion TechnologyTM

Complete Face System

Silicon Fusion TechnologyTM

Clarafuse for Body

silicone fusion treatment

Clarafuse for Face

silicone fusion dermapad for face


radiance restoring moisturizer


facial pore-refining and massaging device


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