Best Remedies for Tech Neck

It is time to give the neck some love! We focus so much on our face that sometimes we forget to give the neck a little TLC. So, let us walk you through the best preventative tactics and remedies for tech neck.

Let’s glow up that neckline.

How to Prevent Tech Neck


This wouldn’t be a real list of remedies if we didn’t kick it off with sunscreen. If you have read any of our other articles (Most recent: How To Get Rid of Chest and Cleavage Wrinkles?), you know that we always suggest prioritizing sunscreen. Sun damage leads to neck lines and wrinkles. Remember to apply sunscreen whenever you step outside, at least SPF 30. Although sunscreen doesn’t reduce already set wrinkles, it will prevent new ones from forming.

Eat Well & Hydrate

When tackling wrinkles, a balanced diet is key. Be sure to eat foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins effectively reduce the signs of aging. Healthy eating supports essential functions, including cell renewal which helps prevent tech neck.

We have all heard the recommendation to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Well, we are here to remind you to hold yourself to that. Hydration is essential; it helps remove toxins and keeps the skin taut and toned.


This may be the most challenging to implement, but stress plays a significant role in premature skin aging. Be intentional about noticing stress and set paths to help manage it. This may include scheduled breaks, yoga, meditation, or breathing. You will see a significant improvement.

Best Remedies for Tech Neck


Dermal Fillers

This method plumps and smooths the skin in a targeted area but is only temporary.


Botox is a small injection of botulinum toxin into the skin. When used for wrinkles, it firms and smooths them out. Unfortunately, this method is also temporary.



Retinol is a staple in cell regeneration and helps increase cell turnover to reveal plump, revitalized skin.

Vitamin C

As mentioned above, under Eat Well & Hydrate, Vitamin C is effective against UV damage and increases collagen.


Not to save the best for last, but…Dermaclara recently released neck patches. We took the same technology delivering exceptional results and adapted it to tackle stubborn neck wrinkles.

Our silicone patches create a microclimate that boosts moisture and collagen production, erasing wrinkles and tightening the skin. This is not a temporary fix like the remedies above; Dermaclara neck patches deliver clinically proven results in as little as 1 hour. Add this patch to your morning or nighttime routine and start seeing the neckline you always dreamed about.

Our non-invasive, chemical-free silicone patches work on old and new wrinkles. So, whether you're working with older, more embedded wrinkles, fresh new ones, or taking preventative measures, Dermaclara technology is here to give you the neck that turns heads.


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