Ashley King

Meet Ashley,

Our co-founder, and inspiration behind the Dermaclara brand. The Dermaclara brand was born out of necessity when Ashley had her appendix removed. After the surgery her doctor prescribed her Silicone Sheets to treat her scar that was left over.

Through further research, she uncovered they were non invasive, chemical free and naturally stimulate collagen production which heals the body from within. To Ashley’s surprise, there were no brands or products out there to satisfy what she was looking for. So, Ashley went to work digging into the true value of medical grade silicone. Her vision was big and the idea was simple, silicone patches. She met with her father-in-law and brother-in-law Josh and Steve King, Co-Founders of Manscaped. Who quickly put her in touch with chemists and engineers to kick off the research and development of Dermaclara Beauty.

As Dermaclara evolves, we continue to innovate by listening to our customers and gathering feedback on how to make our products better. We thank you for the continued support and being a valued customer.


Dermaclara Beauty