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Prime SILICONEFUSION™ Face Rejuvenation Kit

Face Rejuvenation Kit

Reusable Silicone Face & Neck Patches Kit

$124 $87
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Prime Booby SiliconeFUSION™ Stretch Mark Kit

The Breast Silicone Stretch Mark Kit

Reusable Breast Stretch Mark Treatment

$92 $65
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Prime SILICONEFUSION™ Face Patches

Eyes, Mouth, & Forehead Silicone Patches

Reusable Eyes, Mouth, & Forehead Treatment

$64 $57

Forehead Silicone Patch

Reusable Frown Line & Forehead Treatment


Eyes & Mouth Silicone Patches

Reusable Crows Feet & Smile Lines Treatment


Reusable Silicone Neck Patch

Reusable Neck Wrinkle Treatment


Large Silicone Body Patch

Large Reusable Stretch Mark Patch


Silicone Breast Patch

Arms, Legs & Breasts Reusable Stretch Mark Patch

Save 11%
Prime Patch Prep™: SILICONEFUSION™ Patch Cleaner

Silicone Patch Cleaner

Cleans & Re-Activates Patch Adhesion

$28 $25
Save 30%

Reusable Silicone C-Section Patch Kit

Reusable C-Section Scar Treatment Kit

$124 $87
Save 30%
Prime Enhanced SILICONEFUSION™ Stretch Mark Kit

Large Silicone Stretch Mark/Loose Skin Kit

Large Reusable Stretch Mark Treatment

$108 $76
Save 30%
Prime Cheek to Cheek Bundle

Cheek to Cheek Bundle

Reusable Cellulite, Stretch Mark, Fine Line, & Wrinkle Treatment

$188 $132
Save 45%
Prime Ultimate Body + Face System

Ultimate Body + Face System

Reusable Face Wrinkle & Stretch Mark Treatment

$247 $137
Save 42%
Prime Claratone

Skin-Toning Absorption Tool

Anti-Puffiness Face Massage Tool

$73 $43