Our reusable silicone patches are the #1 SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN, FASTEST, & SAFEST product available to prevent and reduce unwanted stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, & fine lines.

Mens SILICONEFUSION™ Face Rejuvenation Kit

Face Rejuvenation Kit

Reusable Silicone Face & Neck Patches Kit

$67 $96

Save 30%

Reusable Silicone C-Section Patch Kit

Reusable C-Section Scar Treatment Kit

$63 $93

Save 32%
Mens Enhanced SILICONEFUSION™ Stretch Mark Kit

Large Silicone Stretch Mark/Loose Skin Kit

Large Reusable Stretch Mark Treatment

$63 $90

Save 30%
Mens Post-Workout Stretch Mark Kit

Post-Workout Stretch Mark Kit

Post-Workout Stretch Mark Prevention Kit

$53 $79

Save 33%
Mens SILICONEFUSION™ Face Patches Kit

Silicone Face Patches Kit

15-Minute Full Face Wrinkle Treatment

$53 $68

Save 22%
Mens Cheek to Cheek Bundle

Cheek to Cheek Bundle

Reusable Cellulite, Stretch Mark, Fine Line, & Wrinkle Treatment

$127 $187

Save 32%