How To Get Rid of Chest and Cleavage Wrinkles?


It doesn’t matter what size boobs you have; whether they are kiwi-sized or classic melons, wrinkles develop for everyone across the chest and cleavage. The fancy name for this area is the décolletage (throw that into your vocabulary and see everyone's ears perk up). Like every other part of your skin, the décolletage can also age.

What Causes the Wrinkles?

Wrinkles form across the chest and cleavage as you age for many reasons. The skin in that area is quite thin, and over time the collagen degrades, causing the skin to become even thinner. This volume loss, combined with repeated folding of the skin, leads to wrinkles. Our skin creases, and defined lines begin to form as we move or sleep. Outside of time and habit, chest and cleavage wrinkles can also come from UV exposure, genetics, smoking tobacco, medications, and weight gain or loss.

How To Get Rid of Chest and Cleavage Wrinkles?

You can take several steps to turn back time on chest and cleavage wrinkles. The best preventative action you can lock into your routine is wearing sunscreen and sun protection. It should be obvious by now, but the sun is not your friend when it comes to graceful aging. Wearing sunscreen helps prevent wrinkles, brown spots, and skin cancer. Overexposure to the sun can lead to increased thinning or crepey skin, discoloration, and, of course, deeper wrinkles. When you step outside, just make a habit of dipping yourself in sunscreen and reapply every two to four hours.

Extending your skincare routine down a few inches is another easy way to prevent wrinkles on your décolletage. Don’t leave out your neck, chest, and cleavage as you run through your morning and evening skincare routine. The care and attention you give your face is how you should treat your whole body, but for now, just add in your décolletage.

Next, change your sleep position. I include this as a solution and preventative measure but personally have never been able to control my sleeping position. If you have the strength and capability, try to sleep on your back to help avoid unnecessary creasing. If you can’t, and are like me, weighted blankets and silk pajamas help.

The last tip is stimulating the production of collagen in the chest and cleavage area. Pop one of our medical-grade silicone patches between your boobs and let the magic begin. Our patches create a microclimate that naturally pulls moisture to the upper levels of the epidermis, stimulates collagen, and boosts elasticity. Wearing our patches overnight kills two birds with one stone. You reduce creasing in the area and increase collagen and elastin production, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


So, there you have it. We hope you take these helpful tips and bare your chest and cleavage to everyone.

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