Samantha’s 90-Day Stretch Mark Free Journey

Meet Samantha!

Samantha is a former swimsuit model, wife, and mother of one amazing little boy! After giving birth to her son she was surprised to find that her stretch marks didn’t naturally just fade with time. Samantha had no luck with oils and moisturizers, which are typically used to treat stretch marks, so she decided to try Dermaclara’s silicone body patches. In 90 days, Samantha was able to completely remove her stretch marks, tighten up loose skin, and gain her confidence back.


Samantha, like most women, received stretch marks during pregnancy. She first tried the typical method of reducing her stretch marks, she was constantly applying belly oils and moisturizers. Unfortunately, she was not seeing any visible reduction in her stretch marks and was beginning to lose confidence that she would ever be able to get rid of them. 


That was when Samantha decided to give our patches a try. She applied her patches each night before bed, wearing them while she slept. After the first use, she could already see results. Samantha was thrilled with how effective, easy, and fast they were able to heal her skin of stretch marks.

Samantha was able to remove her stretch marks after 90 days of continued use. Each day, her stretch marks were fading away and after 90 days she could not see them anymore. She had such amazing results that she decided to use our patches to help her tighten her skin up after a significant weight loss. Again, Samantha had incredible results and was able to tighten up her loose skin after only 15 days!

Why Oils and Moisturizers Don’t Work:

Many people don’t know this, but the molecular size of oils and moisturizers are too large to penetrate the first layer of skin. The second layer of skin, the dermis, is where stretch marks occur, so it is important to keep the dermis hydrated so that the skin can stretch without tearing and causing a stretch mark. Silicone patches work by creating a natural microclimate which pulls moisture from within the body, up through all the surfaces of your skin. This allows the dermis to receive the moisture and collagen it needs to prevent it from tearing as our belly grows during pregnancy and shrinks post pregnancy.


Samantha would begin each treatment by first cleaning her belly using a soft and gentle cream-to-foam cleanser. After she had removed any oils and dry skin, she would allow her belly to thoroughly dry before applying her patches. Samantha chose to sleep in her patches, wearing them each night for an average of 8 hours. She would apply one to each side of her belly and an extra one in between them, right in the center of her belly. To keep her patches in place, she would then wear a cami, waist trainer, or tight fitting shirt. 

Each morning she would gently remove the patches, clean them, and let them air dry before applying them back onto the backing card.

Get the same results as Samantha! 

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