Reduce, Reuse, Re-Dermaclara

“Reduce, Reuse, Re-Dermaclara” may not be the catchy phrase you learned in elementary school, but it should be your go-to when it comes to skincare. We are revitalizing this phrase, taking it from the elementary school handbook that told you to “reduce” your carbon footprint by bicycling to school, “reuse” those (sad) sandwich baggies, and “recycle” your old math tests, and giving it a 2022 makeover.

We believe that a good skincare routine delivers astonishing results that you can reliably return to, and that doesn’t completely drain your bank account.

Single-Use vs. “Re-Dermaclara”

Single-use patches, ointments, and moisturizers cannot do what Dermaclara can for your skin. The keyword is “routine.” With expensive single-use products, there is no routine. The journey is over as soon as it begins. They are unreliable and unpredictable, and you will find yourself regretting dropping the money for a product that ultimately makes no impact.

When you “Re-Dermaclara,” you build a skincare routine that takes you on a journey and shows you life-changing results. Our silicone patches are reusable and efficiently treat stretch marks and loose skin. Each patch delivers 15 to 30 uses, so instead of spending a ton of money on something you toss away in the morning, you get a product that you can actually integrate into your skincare routine and gain results from.

The “Re-Dermaclara” Routine

The impact of Dermaclara happens in the microclimate formed between our silicone patches and your skin. Our non-invasive, chemical-free silicone patches lock in natural moisture and increase collagen production. During this process your skin retains moisture, which enables it to better protect the layers of your skin from harsh elements and the boost in natural collagen amplifies the elasticity and bounce off your skin.

To ensure those 15 to 30 uses, our silicone patches include backing cards to prevent tears and help make your patches last longer. When you are ready to take our patches off, whether you slept in your patches or wore them for the afternoon, you gently peel them off, clean them with Patch Prep, and let them air dry before reapplying to the backing card.

The Impact of “Re-Dermaclara”

Our Dermalovers have been able to remove stretch marks, old and new, in as little as 30 days! If you have questions or need a place to start our founder, Ashley King, has tips and a suggested routine for how to get the best out of Dermaclara. And, if you want additional inspiration, check out Samantha’s 90-Day Stretch Mark Free Journey and Kaitlynn Carter's Dermaclara Journey. We are always so happy and proud to hear stories about the impact of Dermaclara, please email us an anecdote about your joyful journey!

We want you to invest in something that is sustainable for your skin and your wallet. When you “Reduce, Reuse, Re-Dermaclara” your skincare routine improves, repeatedly gives back, and guarantees results.

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