The Secret to Solving Stretch Marks? Sleeping!

The amount of sleep you get during your pregnancy can have many effects on your body, your baby, and your delivery experience. A lack of sleep during pregnancy can have adverse effects and complications for your baby and your delivery process, such as premature birth, issues with your blood pressure and kidneys, and an increased risk of cesarean delivery.

Breaking It Down

In the first trimester, you may notice yourself becoming overwhelmingly exhausted at times. So will begin your era of naps, when your body hasn’t started changing too much, and you have the time to lounge out on the couch and catch a few Zs. As your body gets used to your new hormones by your second trimester, you will begin to feel your energy returning and won’t need to nap as frequently to get through the day. 

When you get to your third trimester, you’re going to start having issues sleeping. Having trouble sleeping is very common during pregnancy: a growing belly, pressure on your diaphragm, and, of course, who could forget all of those trips to the bathroom. These factors can easily contribute to a restless night but shouldn’t really kick in until your third trimester. This is when you’ll want to start investing in a good body pillow to snuggle up against. 

Get the Most Out of Your Sleep

There are so many things to worry about during this time, but don’t let one of those things be stretch marks. In fact, fight stretch marks while you sleep, with 24-hour coverage with Dermaclara. Dermaclara is a non-invasive, safe skincare regimen made with mamas in mind that penetrates deeper than oils and creams. The chemical-free silicone fusion patches create a microclimate between the silicone and the skin to stimulate collagen production, reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

These silicone pads can be worn effortlessly while you sleep; simply apply two Dermaclara patches on either side of the belly, and one below the belly button, hold them in place by wearing a tight-fitting shirt; and suddenly, you’re fighting stretch marks as you sleep! Now that’s a win-win!

In the morning, simply peel off the patches and moisturize the areas, then you’re ready to start your day without worrying about stretch marks or skincare on your belly. Skin cells regenerate more quickly at night, meaning that the more effort you put into getting a good night’s rest, the more your skin will thank you.

A Full Nights Rest

Although this might be harder in the later stages of pregnancy, it’s very important to find ways to achieve a full 8 hours of sleep every night. If you’re having trouble sleeping, make sure you talk to your doctor before taking any sleep medications.

If you have the means, consider a massage to relieve tension in your body, and never, ever underestimate the power of a good body pillow. Having a pillow specially created to support your body as your belly gets in the way of proper sleep has been deemed an absolute necessity by all mamas who have one of their own. Just remember to cuddle your husband from time to time, too!

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