How to Regulate Collagen & Reveal Beautiful Skin At Any Age (2021)

Collagen is vital to the health of our skin, but as we age it begins to break down. This causes wrinkles and fine lines that make us look older than we really are.

Cosmetic procedures need not be expensive nor dangerous. Silicone patches offer a safe alternative to costly cosmetic surgeries and drugs without any side effects! And oftentimes, you'll be able to see the results within hours.

If you are looking for a way to regulate collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles with no injections or invasive procedures required, then this is the guide for you!

The Greatest Enemies to Your Skin

One of the greatest enemies to skin health is age. Age is closely followed by genetics, sun damage, stress-related health concerns, unhealthy lifestyles, as well as fluctuations in weight due to diet, puberty, and pregnancy among other factors. Why is it that these sneaky little culprits rear their heads in the form of wrinkles, lines, dullness, stretch marks, sun spots, and scratchy, itchy dry skin?

It all has to do with collagen. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that is naturally produced by your body. This protein serves as one of the main building blocks of your skin. It also helps to build your hair, muscles, tendons, and bones. Collagen makes up 80% of the skin’s structure,  prevents the skin from sagging, and keeps it plump and youthful.

The role of collagen in the body is to maintain optimal production and to maintain function in order to sustain the skin, tendons, and cartilage. Optimal collagen production is necessary for keeping the skin supple and providing firmness, elasticity, and integrity. 

How Do We Lose Collagen?


We naturally lose collagen quality and production as we age. The body will begin to start losing collagen as early as our mid-20’s, and women can lose up to 30% of the collagen in the first 5 years of menopause.

One of the first and visible signs of the decrease in collagen production is that skin becomes less firm and less supple. This is soon followed by an increase in fine lines and wrinkles and a decrease in moisture and smoothness.

Increasing collagen levels as part of an anti-aging beauty regimen can significantly slow the process of aging. 

Weight Changes

Skin elasticity is determined by several factors like age, genetics, and amount of excess weight. When significant weight change occurs, the skin is stretched beyond its capacity to retract. This is because both collagen and elastic fibers can not repair quickly enough to keep up with the rapid need for collagen production. This loss of collagen and elasticity results in a variety of stretch marks, or scars, that tend to vary from blue to a light color, and irregular shape. 


Living in sunny, dry, or high elevation areas can increase exposure to the sun and skin damage, which is called photo-aging. Heavy and prolonged exposure to the sun results in a breakdown of collagen and elastin. The skin then responds with sunspots, dry skin, sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles. To prevent this type of collagen breakdown, it's important to protect the skin from the sun and eat antioxidant-rich foods like fruits and veggies.


As we age, it is recommended to take our health a bit more seriously. One of the greatest saboteurs to health is an excess production of cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol breaks down collagen and elastin, which forms wrinkles and causes aging. If that’s not bad enough, cortisol can also increase inflammation, which increases the risk of certain diseases like cancer and arthritis. As stress rises, it's imperative to maintain balance and harmony in our lives and bodies.  


During pregnancy, the skin in the abdomen and other body parts expands to make increased room for the growth of the child. The skin will then retract within several months after the birth of the child. Collagen is responsible for creating skin firmness and strength during this process, while elastin helps the skin to remain tight. However, if collagen and elastin production cannot keep up with the rapid shifts in weight, the skin will form stretch marks that range from red to light-colored marks. 

How Silicone Patches Boost Collagen Production and Performance

Collagen will inevitably break down and cause skin woes. The million-dollar question is: what can you do about it? The good news is that repairing skin and increasing collagen production is 100% possible! 

 Here's the truth…

 Silicone patches have been proven to fade and reduce stretch marks after only one use!

Why Silicone?

For years, doctors have been giving patients silicone patches to treat and heal deep scars from surgeries and accidents. It’s not until recently that this break-through technology has proven itself to be a top contender for treating wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks. Medical grade silicone patches use the same technology plastic surgeons use to soften, flatten, and fade scars. 100% medical-grade means the patch has been tested and approved, and that it is safe and hypoallergenic.

How Do Silicone Patches Regulate Collagen?

Silicone patches heal scars, wrinkles, or stretch marks by increasing and regulating collagen production. Silicone patches are placed onto the skin for a few hours at a time to create a closed and breathable microclimate. As this microclimate occludes on the skin, it draws moisture through the dermis and encourages moisture between the patch and the epidermis. This means moisture is drawn from the lower skin layers to the outside skin layers, encouraging, activating, and normalizing collagen production.

What Results Can I Expect With Silicone Patches?

The unique environment created by the silicone patch helps the skin to heal itself. It repairs fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks. It’s possible to reveal noticeably smoother skin and create a significant increase in moisture after just one use. Other benefits include a decrease in pigmentation of scars and skin defects and a reduction in the thickness and appearance of scars. 

How Do I Know Which Silicone Patch Is Right For Me?

Many women get frustrated with the anti-aging industry and the myriad of collagen-boosting silicone patches on the market. They also don’t want to deal with dangerous chemicals, sliding patches, irregular patch sizes, discomfort, and skin rashes…especially during and after their beautiful pregnancy. 

Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ offers a combination of the fastest and safest results. Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Patches are 100% medical-grade, which means they’ve been tested and approved and are safe and hypoallergenic. 

The Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Patches are also formulated to solve some of these common concerns:

  1. Tear-Proof - No more tearing patches or sticky residue is left on the body. The Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ patches are completely tear-proof.
  1. Pregnancy Safe - Stop worrying about chemicals, bioinert materials, and other harmful substances. The Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ patches are 100% percent medical grade and safe for you to use during and after your pregnancy.
  1. Slip-Free - Flex Fit Technology™ ensures the patches hug the curves and contours of your body. Placement is a breeze.
  1. Sleep Safe - New StayAwhile™ technology ensures that your patch doesn’t move and stays in place all night - without slipping off or pulling your skin.

Proven Clinical Studies

In clinical studies, users saw a decrease in scar pigmentation and a reduction in the appearance of scars.

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The Improvements With The Silicone Fusion Patch Have Been Dramatic

"My friends and family keep asking me if I’ve had work done because the improvements have been so dramatic! I’m thrilled with the results so far and can’t wait to see the long-term benefits if this is just one week! "~ Stephanie Davis

The Best Product On The Market for Stretch Marks

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