Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Stretch Mark System
Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Stretch Mark System
Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Stretch Mark System
Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Stretch Mark System

Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Stretch Mark System

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Minimize the appearance of tummy, hip, and thigh stretch marks with body silicone patches. Silicone Fusion™ technology locks in hydration and pulls moisture from deep within the skin’s layers to increase collagen production, smooth uneven skin tone, and encourage healing. The versatile heart-shaped patch can be used on all body stretch marks to reduce the appearance of stretch marks in as little as 1 hour.
  • Boosts the body’s own ability to produce collagen for smoother looking skin
  • Enhances skin appearance by increasing skin moisture levels 
  • Patches are reusable and can be worn up to 15 - 30 times
  • Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic 
    • 2 Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Patches
    • Proprietary Patch Prep™ Formula

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    100% Medical Grade Silicone

    Creates a closed, breathable microclimate when placed on the skin. It allows oxygen to pass through, letting skin breathe while locking in moisture. Moisture is drawn up from lower skin layers to the outside layers and collagen production is encouraged, activated, and normalized. This unique environment helps the skin heal itself, repairing fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and more with each application. After only one application, the skin shows a marked increase in hydration and photodamage repair, and a reduction in roughness and wrinkle depth. In addition to its hydrating effects, it also helps to keep the skin flat while you are wearing it, which keeps new lines from forming.

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