What's More Bang for Your Buck? Evaluating Botox, Laser, and Collagen Shots

botox cost

The cosmetic industry offers many treatments that promise to rewind the clock. From Botox to lasers and collagen shots, each promises transformative results. Cosmetic surgery is a common treatment for smoothing and relaxing overworked muscles responsible for crow's feet, wrinkles, and smile lines on the face. 

Little wonder why the procedure is increasingly becoming popular for its effectiveness in smoothing out wrinkles and making the face a few decades younger. But which one really gives you the most bang for your buck? 

How does Botox work

Botox is a cosmetic solution derived from the poisonous Botulinum toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The Botulinum toxin is known for the diseases life-threatening botulism diseases. To make Botox, medical researchers harnessed a small amount for the treatment of several cosmetic conditions. 

Injecting Botox into wrinkles blocks the acetylcholine neurotransmitter that is responsible for your skin's collapse. A successful botox placement blocks the nerve signal, causing it to relax and preventing wrinkles when you talk, laugh, or smile.

The results are almost immediate and noticeable, especially when you compare a Botox before or after laser picture. Botox injection is not a permanent solution but a temporary treatment lasting 3 to 6 months, after which the wrinkle becomes noticeable again as the Botox loses its effectiveness. It is short-lived because the nerves regenerate, and neurotransmission gradually returns. Hence, botox treatments need to be retouched regularly. 

botox cost

How much does Botox cost? 

The approximate cost for a single unit of Botox is $10-$20. This price is dependent on several factors, which can be;

The kind of Botox injected:

Although Botox seems to be the popular brand used by many aestheticians, other brands are steadily rising in popularity. For instance, other neuromodulator brands like Dysport, Jeuveau, and even Xeomin exist. The difference between each brand is the botulinum toxins used; Botox contains onabotulinumtoxinA, while Dysport contains abobotulinumtoxinA.

Locality or state of your aesthetician: 

Aestheticians in high-brow areas like LA will charge more than others due to their proximity. It's important to note that the cost of their services does not equate to their quality, as expensive procedures can still turn out poor. 

The severity of your wrinkles: 

Deep wrinkles or facial lines may require extra units of Botox injections to become plump. You may spend twice the amount budgeted to get a near-perfect face if you intend on filling every line on your face.

The area to be filled: 

Face botox is the most common and is relatively less expensive since it consumes lesser amount of injection compared to other areas of the body. If you intend on performing stomach botox or even back botox, the cost is bound to be more expensive. 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average person requires at least 20 to 40 units of Botox to see a noticeable difference. This means an average botox filling session can cost between $400 to $800. The above botox cost excludes other charges such as registration, consultation, follow-up services, and products like Dermaclara's hyaluronic acid moisturizer and workmanship. 

botox cost

How does laser work? 

Laser vs botox is a common argument in the cosmetic world, but they are generally different. Like botox, cosmetic lasers can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles through a process known as laser skin resurfacing. Laser skin resurfacing is a cosmetic procedure and one of the best laser treatments for face that involves the use of laser lights on irregular skin to smoothen wrinkles and frown lines.

Laser stands for light amplification by stimulated radiation emission. However, dermatology uses short, concentrated light beams to create a controlled injury in the skin tissues to prompt a healing response that stimulates growth. This procedure can be likened to exercising. When we exercise, our muscles tear apart due to the tension and reknit into stronger and bigger muscles. Lasers work almost the same way. 

Laser skin resurfacing slowly removes the outer skin layer by degrading each layer before penetrating to the next. It then heats the inner skin layer, called the dermis, to trigger collagen production, resulting in smoother skin. There are two types of laser skin resurfacing — ablative laser skin surfacing and non-ablative laser skin resurfacing.

Ablative laser skin resurfacing is the process of removing the skin's epidermal and dermal layers to treat several skin conditions like wrinkles while non-ablative methods is a process of inducing stress to the dermal skin layer to trigger collagen production. There are numerous kinds of laser skin resurfacing, and they include CO2 laser skin resurfacing, fractional laser resurfacing, pulsed-dye laser skin resurfacing, intense pulse light treatment, and erbium laser resurfacing, 

How much does laser skin resurfacing cost? 

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons' most recent figures show that the average laser skin resurfacing cost is $2,509 for ablative laser skin resurfacing and $1,445 for non-ablative ones. Also, intense pulse light treatment is priced between $400-$500, fractional laser resurfacing is within $300-$600, and CO2 laser skin resurfacing is $500-$3500.

This price range usually does not include other necessary expenses, such as the consultation fee. Ensure you visit the dermatologist's office for a full price. The total cost depends on your dermatologist's expertise, the area of treatment, the location of the office, and the severity of your wrinkles. It's important to understand that many insurance plans do not cover cosmetic surgeries or complications. Ensure you have a plan or ask your dermatologist for available financing plans. 

How do collagen shots work? 

Collagen is a protein that is found in high concentrations in the body. It is crucial for developing numerous bodily tissues, including the skin, connective tissue, hair, nails, and skin. Collagen in the face helps create supple, firm, and durable skin. Collagen injections are cosmetic surgery that injects bovine (cow) collagen under your skin to induce suppleness and freshness and boost collagen levels. 

The method for injecting collagen is pretty simple, as a typical treatment lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. The areas you are injected with are marked out, and the collagen injections are injected to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines based on each client's cosmetic goals. After the injections, you may start to notice visible changes in their appearance within a few days, and any puffiness or bruising caused by the procedure goes away. You can also promote healing by using Dermaclara's SILICONEFUSION face patches. Common collagen treatments for the face include Bellafill, CosmoDerm, CosmoPlast, Zyderm, and Zyplast.
botox cost

Which is more effective: Botox, laser, or collagen shots?

Most times, people are faced with choosing between Botox or laser for wrinkles. However, the treatment choice depends on the type of wrinkles you have and the desired results. For wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions such as frown lines and crow's feet, Botox is highly effective in blocking the neurotransmitter responsible for this. Laser treatments are perfect for wrinkles caused by photodamage, while collagen rejuvenation is effective for static wrinkles that appear even when your face is at rest. 

Overall, the best treatment depends on your dermatologist's goals and recommendations. They can guide you to the best treatment or combination of treatments that can help.

botox cost

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