4 Different Types of Wrinkles and What Causes Them


Let us know if the following scenario sounds familiar.

You are looking in the mirror, wondering, who that woman with wrinkles is? Asking, “when did my face age? What is that crease above my lip when smiling? How come the lines on my forehead are more pronounced? Where did the time go?”

If it does, we understand. And don’t worry; we got you! There is no shame in wrinkles, but maybe you want to clear away a few that are distracting from your beautiful face. Read below to learn more about wrinkles, how to prevent them, and the best solution for treating them.

Dynamic vs. Static Wrinkles

Before we get into the four main types of wrinkles, let’s outline the difference between dynamic and static wrinkles.

Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic rhytids and wrinkles are caused by repeated muscle use, like frowning or puckering your lips. Repeated facial movements can lead to dynamic lines on the face.

Static Wrinkles

A loss of elasticity, collagen, and hyaluronic acid causes static wrinkles. Static wrinkles are prominent even when the face or muscle is at rest.

Now that we have that knowledge at the forefront let's identify the top four wrinkles and discuss why they occur.

Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids

Atrophic crinkling rhytids are static wrinkles. They can form all over the face and anywhere on the body. They are very fine and usually run parallel to each other. These wrinkles will disappear from sight when the skin is stretched transversally. Atrophic crinkling rhytids wrinkles develop due to loss of elasticity and collagen.

What You Can Do

Apply broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher daily and reapply at least every two hours. Even if it appears overcast, break out the sunscreen and keep reapplying.


Permanent Elastic Creases

Permanent elastic creases are static wrinkles. They appear as fine lines that become increasingly visible over time. This process is exacerbated by prolonged and unprotected sun exposure. You will find permanent elastic creases on the base of the neck, upper lip, and cheeks. This type of wrinkle is less prominent on people with darker skin tones and who avoid sun exposure.

What You Can Do

As we said above, sun exposure makes permanent elastic creases more apparent and, unfortunately, more permanent. The solution is, again, to wear sunscreen, broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher, every day and reapply every two hours. In addition, you can minimize direct sun exposure and wear protective clothing.


Dynamic Expression Lines

Of course, dynamic expression lines are dynamic wrinkles. Repeated facial expressions or contractions of the same facial muscles cause these wrinkles. Dynamic expression lines are progressive and will grow to be permanent. Familiar examples include forehead expression lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead creases, and the crease in between the eyes.

What You Can Do

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do! Using your face to express yourself, respond, and speak is human. Besides controlling your facial expressions, there are more invasive solutions, including laser skin resurfacing, botox, facelifts, and fillers.

Gravitational Folds

Gravitational folds are static wrinkles. As captured in the name, these wrinkles are due to gravity and appear in areas where the skin is thin. Contrary to what you would expect, the plumper the face, the less likely gravitational folds will develop. People with a lean face will ultimately show more gravity folds. 

What You Can Do

Again, there is not much you can do here apart from having a plump visage. Many people who suffer from gravitational folds turn to invasive procedures like facelifts.

How to Prevent Wrinkled Skin

What can you do to prevent wrinkles and keep them from developing? That is the golden question. The best way to prevent wrinkled skin is to live a healthy lifestyle. Although this may seem complicated, we break it down below into six easy tips. You may find you are already doing some of these things.

  1. Use Sun Protection

Not to be a broken record but apply sunscreen every day and multiple times throughout the day. Make sure your sunscreen is at least SPF 30 and reapply every two hours. Additionally, limit your time in the sun and wear sun protection like wide-brim hats, long-sleeved shirts, and sunglasses.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Water keeps your body hydrated and maintains elasticity. Remember to compensate for any dehydrating liquids like coffee and alcohol. Caffeine negatively impacts collagen and harms the healing process of the skin, and alcohol dries the skin out and can lead to premature aging.

  1. Eat A Well Balance Diet

Vitamin-rich meals packed with antioxidants, healthy fats, nutrients, and water help your skin glow. Foods like avocados, blueberries, almonds, and pomegranate seeds are a great place to start.

  1. Cleanse Gently & Moisturize

To help prevent wrinkles, avoid scrubbing or overwashing your face. Although you may think you are deep cleaning, you are actually dehydrating your skin. This can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. We suggest Claraprep, our soft and gentle cream-to-foam cleanser. It will clear away all the dirt, sweat, and makeup without stripping your skin.

Once you have cleansed gently, finish it off with Clarasome, our hyaluronic moisturizer. Moisturizing locks in water which helps hydrate the skin. Dehydrated skin constricts skin cells leading to premature aging. So, be sure to include a moisturizer in your skincare routine.

  1. Manage Stress

Chronic stress makes you age faster. It damages the DNA and causes inflammation leading to rapid aging. Develop healthy habits to work through and settle stress. Try exercise, meditation, getting a whole night’s sleep, and breath work.

  1. No Smoking

There are so many reasons not to smoke, but regarding skincare and wrinkles, nicotine constricts the blood vessels, reducing the flow of oxygen and nutrients the skin needs. This process leads to wrinkles, sagging skin, damaged elasticity, dry skin, and damaged skin. Smoking is also a repetitive action and will lead to dynamic wrinkles like crow's feet and fine lines around the mouth.


How to treat wrinkles?

The best way to treat wrinkles is with Dermaclara. Dermaclara is the only non-invasive, chemical-free, and dermatologist-approved solution. Other products rely on invasive, dangerous, and expensive procedures, but Dermaclara uses what is already there to heal your skin. But how?

How Does Dermaclara Work?

When you apply Dermaclara, the silicone patch creates a microclimate between the seal and your skin. The microclimate is the magic part! The environment captured in the seal boosts moisture and the production of collagen and elastin. The silicone patch also holds the skin in place, interrupting habitual movements and teaching the skin to find new pathways. Together this process rolls back time, clearing fine lines and wrinkles, erasing stretch marks, and tightening loose skin.

How Fast Does It Work?

You will notice a change immediately. But, for lasting results, we recommend incorporating Dermaclara into your daily routine for three to six months. Lucky for you, Dermaclara silicone patches can be reused up to 30 times. You just need to gently remove them, clean them with Patch Prep, let them air dry, and reapply them to the backing card.

How Do I Use Dermaclara?

1. Prep Your Skin

Clean your face with Claraprep, our soft and gentle cleanser.

2. Apply Dermaclara Patches

Apply the forehead, eye, mouth, neck, or chest silicone patches. Set the timer for 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Gently Peel Off Patches

Delicately remove the patches and clean them with Patch Prep. Let them dry before reapplying them to the backing card.

Where Can I Use Dermaclara?

Dermaclara patches can be applied wherever you want to see change. Apply them to forehead creases, wrinkles above eyes, folds under eyes, cheek creases, wrinkles on chin, or the fine lines around your smile. Below we break down the best Dermaclara product to turn to when targeting specific wrinkles.

Mid Cheek Lines Treatment

SILICONEFUSION™ Eyes & Mouth Patches

Yes, we know it says eye and mouth, but these are our most adaptable patches. Apply these crescents to the cheek wrinkles and watch the wrinkles fade away. Feel free to send us a photo if you would like to be featured in our cheek wrinkles before and after campaign.

Forehead Wrinkle Treatment

SILICONEFUSION™  Forehead Patches

This one is easy. Just peel and stick. Tackle the expression lines on your forehead in a breeze.

Under Eye Crease Treatment

SILICONEFUSION™ Eyes & Mouth Patches

Under-eye wrinkles causes include facial expressions, sun exposure, dehydrated skin, smoking, rubbing the eyes, not sleeping on the back and genetics. Of course, we already showed you how versatile these patches are but let’s return to their classic use. The SILICONEFUSION™ Eyes & Mouth Patches effectively erase under eye crease and tighten any bagging. Dermaclara is proven to work on both light and deep crease under eye.

Deep Wrinkles Treatment

SILICONEFUSION™ Face Rejuvenation Kit

For an overall deep wrinkle treatment, look no further than Dermaclara. This is the facial you always wanted with even better results.

That’s it, my friend! You now have the knowledge to identify and tackle wrinkles, the tools to prevent them from forming, and the ultimate solution for treating them. Check out the before and afters below for inspiration.

Wrinkles Before and After


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