Upcycled Halloween Costume Ideas

Oct 10, 2017

Tired of spending tons of cash on wear-them-once Halloween costumes? This year, ditch the department store digs and get a little creative while making use of stuff you already have laying around the house. Take a look at these awesome upcycled Halloween costume ideas!

1. Lego Costume

Could it get any easier? Grab a kid-sized cardboard box, and the rest of this LEGO costume basically makes itself. A little glue, some glossy paint, and a few round craft containers will transform a boring old box into a LEGO-tastic creation!

2. Corn on the Cob

If you thought egg cartons only have one purpose, think again! The folks at Parenting.com found a fun way to make these containers represent a completely different food group. If you want to get crafty, but patterns and sewing aren't really your thing, this corn on the cob costume could be the perfect fix! An oversized sweatshirt and some hot glue will take those egg cartons from the poultry section to the produce aisle.

3. Pink Flamingo

Most little girls have entire wardrobes filled with plenty of pink pieces. Pair a pretty pink dress with some pink tights, add some feathers from a few inexpensive boas, and this perfect flamingo is ready to go!

4. Cup of Hot Chocolate

Do you have an old laundry basket that's seen better days? Before you put it into retirement, give it new life this Halloween by turning it into a cup of hot chocolate! This costume might require a quick trip to a craft or fabric store so you can gather some taffeta, ribbon, batting, and poster board, but the effort will be well worth it. The outcome of this cute cup of hot chocolate will make you with Halloween comes around more often!

5. Smartphone

Put pipe cleaners and potholders to a whole new use with this savvy homemade smartphone costume! A couple pieces of poster board, some cotton rolls, and a printout of a smartphone screen are easily transformed into a super fun Halloween costume!


Have you already successfully upcycled items into awesome Halloween costumes? Please share your pics with us on our Facebook page!

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