What Is Silicone Fusion Technology?

The skincare world is abuzz with talk of Dermaclara's Silicone Fusion™ Technology. But what is it? And how does it improve skin?

Silicone Fusion™ Technology is the breakthrough discovery by Dermaclara. Used with Dermaclara's revolutionary silicone anti-aging pads, it treats a myriad of skincare issues all over the body -- from improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles on places like the chest, to making the look of stretch marks on places like the hips and abdomen look less noticeable.

The medical grade silicone used by Dermaclara creates a closed, breathable microclimate (occlusion) when placed on the skin. Initially tested to treat scars, Dermaclara found that Silicone Fusion™ Technology does more than just help the reduction of scars - it also worked to repair fine lines, wrinkles and more with each application.

And it's been clinically tested to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in as little as an hour!

silicone fusion technology

Silicone Fusion™ users report improvement in the following areas:

Stretch marks

stretch marks, pregnancy

Fine lines and Deep wrinkles

fine lines and wrinkles, smooth skin,

Hyperpigmentation and brown spots

Treatments for Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots – ieskincare

And with no chemicals and injections required, Silicone Fusion™ Technology can benefit almost anyone who wants to improve their skin, whether they need scar reduction or wrinkle reduction. Try Dermaclara's Silicone Fusion™ Technology today!

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