Top Decollete Anti-Aging Treatments: Discover the Best Solutions


It's no news that the skin on our face often receives much more attention than the skin on our décolletage. Your décolletage is regularly displayed, particularly when you wear an open shirt or a plunge neckline. Overlooking your décolletage can cause excessive exposure to dangerous ultraviolet radiation, early wrinkling, and other skin problems. 

Here is a look at all you need to know about caring for your décolleté area and how to get rid of lines on chest.

What is décolleté? 

Most of us are familiar with the phrases décolleté and décolletage, which are both pronounced "day-col-le" and "day-col-le-tahj" respectively. However, it's common to confuse the two, so what are décolleté and décollétéage?

The upper portion of a woman's body that is revealed by her clothing's neckline is known as her décolletage. Thus, it refers to the neck, shoulders, back, and chest because contemporary clothing frequently has a low front and back necklines. The décolleté area refers especially to the front of the neck, shoulders, and chest. 

What causes décolleté area skin damage?

Most times, the majority of our bodies are covered by clothing (unless when we are at the beach), and our faces are typically protected by moisturizers, sunscreens, and makeup, but our décolleté skin care is frequently overlooked. This area of your body, like your face, is vulnerable to solar damage and early aging and skin tumors frequently manifest themselves there. 

Sun exposure dramatically accelerates the aging process in the skin and destroys collagen, which is a protein that keeps the skin tight. Sun exposure causes the skin to lose suppleness, disrupts collagen synthesis, slows down the growth of elastin and collagen, and makes the skin brittle and less resilient. Additionally, applying an alcoholic perfume on your neck before going outside in the sun without applying SPF to that area might cause skin sensitivity, solar damage, and hyperpigmentation. 

Hyperpigmentation causes melanin (skin color) to rise to the surface of the epidermis when the skin has been overly exposed to the sun. It can also cause patches and/or spot discolorations. Overall, this will eventually result in "Turkey Neck," a disorder that refers to a patch of sagging skin under the neck (that occasionally resembles a turkey's wattle.)

How to treat aging décolleté?

Although Botox™ is quite popular for treating wrinkles and fine lines on the face, it is rarely utilized for decollete treatment. Hyaluronic acid fillers in particular are a preferable choice for filling aging décolleté. However, many physicians and aestheticians advise against using any form of injections on the décolletage due to its thinness and sensitivity. Here are some ways to treat aging decollete.

Vampire lift

The "vampire" facelift has gained popularity in the field of skin renewal because of its effectiveness. This procedure uses the patient's blood to reduce wrinkles, especially those on the décolleté. To begin a vampire facelift, blood samples are taken and natural growth factors are then separated from the blood and injected directly into the desired location. This process will result in a tighter, smoother décolleté as a result of those growth factors that continually stimulate collagen and elastin formation. 

Micro fat grafting

One efficient décolleté treatment for chest wrinkles is micro fat grafting. It repairs the voids caused by decreased collagen and elastin on your décolleté. Micro fat grafting involves taking fat from another part of your body, such as the thighs, hips, or abdomen, preparing it in the lab, and injecting it beneath the décolleté skin. The injected fat smooths and swells the top layers of your décolleté skin while filling in the empty spaces in the bottom layers of the skin. 

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is another chest wrinkles treatment that penetrates the skin to encourage collagen formation. This procedure can make the skin appear lighter and smoother overall while assisting in the fading of dark patches and discolorations. 

How to use silicone patch for aging décolleté?

Silicone Patches are innovative beauty treatments that help treat wrinkles and scars on the skin. Although there are various ways to treat aging décolleté, a hydrating silicone patch can produce more positive results when compared to a regular hydrating moisturizer. 

The newest improvement for the wrinkly décolletage area is the use of décolleté patches. These chest and neck patches contain medical-grade silicone pads that cling to the chest and produce a moist "microclimate." Within a few hours, they begin plumping and smoothing the skin they are attached to.

You can see a noticeable difference in fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin whether you wear your patches overnight or just for a quick session before a night out. Also note that if you wear the patch while you sleep, it will prevent your skin from wrinkling, folding, or deteriorating which comes with gravity.

If you want to experience strong rejuvenating effects when you're not wearing a silicone patch, think about using a face lotion containing active components. A face serum can give your décolletage the boost it needs, whether it's worn by itself or beneath your preferred moisturizer. For a high dosage of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid for a robust moisture barrier, look into Dermaclara's Clarasome Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer.


How to avoid chest wrinkles?

Like face wrinkles, you can also learn how to avoid chest wrinkles; all you need is to follow a religious skincare regimen. The following is our go-to treatments for a supple, smooth décolletage:


Sun exposure is one of the most important care treatments for chest wrinkles, hence we recommend you apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 each morning to guard against aging. 

Apply Skin Care to Your Décolleté As Well 

It makes sense that the face would be the focus of any skincare routine. But it's high time you started paying attention to your décolletage in your regular beauty routine. We promise that your skin will appreciate the extra care as you will begin to see better changes.

Cleanse and Exfoliate Regularly 

Many of us neglect to exfoliate, let alone cleanse, the area beneath the chin. To remove the oils and dirt that have gathered on your neck and chest throughout the day, just use your regular cleanser or simply get the effective Dermaclara's Claraprep Cream-to-foam Cleanser. Then, remove dead skin cells by using a mild exfoliant. 

Hydrate Properly 

The décolletage contains only a small number of oil glands which indicates it is more prone to dryness, which causes wrinkles. To prevent the appearance of wrinkles, apply a rich body oil, neck cream, or moisturizer to the décolletage. We suggest starting with the hydrating and anti-aging Dermaclara's Clarasome Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer

Where to buy silicone patches for aging décolleté?

Silicone Patches for aging skin are sold everywhere, particularly in healthcare centers, walk-in beauty stores, or popular commercial merchandise that deals will the sales of both beauty and household items. We recommend you choose a silicone patch that offers maximum protection, twenty-four hours suppleness, and increased effectiveness. 

The silicone patches from Dermaclara are created for the skincare enthusiast because it combines the properties of each of our separate body and face products into one system. It can reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles to give your entire body a youthful glow.

The people's favorite, Dermaclara's Ultimate Body + Face System contains two Medium 5" SILICONEFUSION™ Patches, four SILICONEFUSION™ Eyes & Mouth Patches, one SILICONEFUSION™ Forehead Patch, one Claraprep Cleanser, and one Clarasome Moisturizer

We also have other silicone patches like the Dermaclara's Reusable Neck Patches, the Dermaclara's large silicone body patch, and the Dermaclara's Cheek to Cheek Bundle.


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