Top 10 Pregnancy Christmas Gifts

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It’s finally socially acceptable to get excited about Christmas, which means another year of trying to find something that your sister will actually like. This year, however, you’re shopping for two, since your sister announced that she was pregnant right in time for the holidays! But who do you shop for? Her, or the baby? If you’re having trouble deciding, here are some great gift ideas to help in your decision-making when shopping for someone pregnant!

1. Dermaclara’s Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Stretch Mark Kit & Clarasome

With a baby on the way, your pregnant friend or family member might be stressing about encroaching stretch marks. Play the hero this holiday season by gifting her the Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Stretch Mark Kit, and Clarasome. Dermaclara’s Stretch Mark kit is a pregnancy-safe and clinically proven system for reducing the visibility and development of stretch marks. Follow up with some Clarasome, our thirst-quenching moisturizer. 

The Silicone Fusion™ technology pulls moisture from the deeper layers of the skin while simultaneously locking in hydration, making it more effective than typical topical creams. These dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic patches are the perfect Christmas gift for someone who is expecting, because who wouldn’t want the gift of clear, smooth, supple skin?

2. Mama’s Me Moment Gift Set

Every mama deserves to feel pampered, and this adorable gift set will show her how much you care. The ‘Mama’s Me Moment’ Gift Set by Honest comes beautifully packaged with body oil, soaking salts, body lotion, a face mask, and some lovely tinted lip balm. With the toll pregnancy will be taking on her body, she will appreciate this rejuvenating gift set that will make sure she feels soft, supple, and relaxed from her head to her toes!

3. Organic Lounge Robe by Monica + Andy

A great gift for both the soon-to-be and new mamas! This 100% organic cotton robe by Monica + Andy is thoughtfully designed for pregnant bodies. It features a cozy shawl cover, pockets (!), and an attached belt that ties above the bump. To make it even more special for the holidays, add embroidery of your loved one’s initials to this soft, fluffy, and machine washable robe!

4. Prenatal Massage

Physical gifts are great, but giving the gift of an experience is also a great route to take. And who wouldn’t be psyched to receive a free massage? Pregnancy means lots of aches and pains for your loved one, so take the pressure off by booking a relaxing prenatal massage in their city/town. Prenatal massages focus on long, sweeping strokes with only minimal pressure, taking care to be gentle on your baby while simultaneously relaxing tensed-up muscles.

5. Pregnancy Pillow

Also known as the “husband pillow,” this C-shaped pillow is an absolute game-changer when it comes to getting a good night’s rest towards the later end of a pregnancy. This specially designed maternity pillow provides belly and hip support when your bump starts getting in the way of a restful night and is highly recommended by pregnant women. Not only is it super soft and machine washable, but it can also be manipulated into different shapes to serve different purposes (footrest, back support) throughout the day. 

6. WavHello Bellybuds

They say a baby can start to hear from inside the womb at about 20 weeks and form memories at 30 weeks. To start connecting with their baby as soon as possible, many pregnant women have turned to Bellybuds, a portable speaker system that allows you to play music to your baby and start forming bonds. Play them relaxing Mozart, or start introducing them to your favorite bands. It’s never too early to start!

7. Stylish Diaper Bag

Just because she’s going to be carting around diapers doesn’t mean she can’t look chic while doing it! Get your pregnant bestie a stylish diaper bag from Freshly Picked and know that even when she’s changing diapers in a Starbucks bathroom, her outfit still looks classy. The Diaper Bag by Freshly Picked is large, easy to use, and durable. It is comfortable to carry, functional, and comes in an array of beautiful colors to match any mama’s style!

8. Pregnancy Journal

Whether she uses it to remember the journey that she’s taken with her pregnancy or just to jot down notes to combat pregnancy brain, this adorable Pregnancy Journal by Nurtured 9 is a lovely gift for a mom-to-be. This gender-neutral journal features prompts for medical details, space for a weekly photo, and two pages for free-form journaling every week of pregnancy. Great for reflections and grocery lists alike, this new mom journal ticks all the boxes.

9. PreMade Meal Gift Package

This holiday season, send the gift of comfort and care. When you’re stressed, tense, and in physical discomfort 24/7 from pregnancy, the last thing anyone wants is to cook. With this gift package from Spoonful of Comfort, give your pregnant loved one the gift of a night off from cooking. This gift set includes hearty soup for settling morning stomachs, cookies to satisfy a late-night sweet tooth, and a fuzzy hot water bottle to soothe aches and pains. 

10. Baby Bear Toy Set

We’ve seen a lot of gift ideas for mama, but how about one to get her super excited about meeting her new baby! This adorable baby bear toy set is gender-neutral, so no buyer’s remorse is necessary! This set comes with a crocheted bear, rattle, beanie, pacifier clip, and a wooden milestone for their first tooth! Too cute!

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