This One Is for the Boobies

You’ve been asking, and finally, we delivered. For years, our DermaLOVERS have been filling our inbox and DMs with requests to adapt our famous patches for the breast area. But, perfection takes time, and the time is now.

We have taken our patented technology behind the body patches and created the perfect booby patch to help treat stretch marks and scars. This new product is designed to target smaller surfaces, including under boob, side boob, arms, décolleté, and chest.

The top three reasons people experience stretch marks on their breasts are pregnancy, puberty, and weight gain and loss. The sudden increase in boob size results in stretch marks with all three occurrences. Whether it's your body growing a human, adolescent changes, or fluctuations in your weight–when your skin stretches too rapidly, it tears. These tears appear as stretch marks! Tears are caused when the connective fibers under the skin cannot produce the necessary elasticity for expansion.

Looking at pregnancy by itself, it is incredibly common to experience stretch marks on the boobs. At about six weeks, estrogen levels kick up and trigger breast growth and the development of milk ducts. Some pregnant mamas may see their breasts expand up to two cup sizes!

Of course, there are ways you can come to your boobs’ rescue. You can massage them, boosting circulation and stimulating cell and tissue growth, or slather them with some topical ointments. Maybe the massaging works, but if you are here, you know how Dermaclara feels about topical creams and ointments. Surface-level remedies fail to penetrate the dermis layer of your skin where stretch marks are born, so they cannot fight against them. And the creams or ointments that can often contain active ingredients that are harmful to pregnant people, those trying to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding.

This is precisely why we are so excited to announce our new product! The Booby SILICONEFUSION™ stretch mark patches are clinically-proven, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and pregnancy-safe stretch mark care.

The SILICONEFUSION™ Booby Patches are made of 100% medical grade silicone and work just like our other hyper-effective body patches. The silicone creates a microclimate where moisture is drawn up from lower skin layers, and collagen production is activated. This unique technology and nourishing ecosystem heals and repairs the stretch marks you are targetting.

This new patch helps regulate collagen production for smoother-looking skin and enhances the appearance by increasing moisture levels. And just like our other amazing patches, they are reusable and can be worn up to 30 times.

So, we are sorry you had to wait, but now you know that Dermaclara is here to help you put your best boobs forward.

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