Creams vs. Our Patches

When I first discovered the power of silicone patches for scar reduction, I couldn’t wait to share my discovery with other women. For how long had we been trying to treat stretch marks with topical ointments and moisturizers, just to see them get worse and worse? That’s why I started Dermaclara: to effectively fade, prevent, and treat stretch marks, once and for all.

Topical ointments and moisturizers cannot do what Dermaclara patches can for your skin. Those surface-level remedies fail to penetrate the dermis layer of your skin where stretch marks are born, so they cannot fight against them. Sure, you may prevent your skin from drying out for a few hours, but these moisturizers don’t even come close to reaching the root of the problem. And unfortunately, the moisturizers and serums that can penetrate through the first layer of the skin often contain active ingredients that are harmful to pregnant people, those trying to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding.

This is why I was so excited when I first realized how effective silicone patches are at healing scars! Dermaclara’s silicone patches are clinically proven to safely reduce and prevent stretch marks by working with the natural processes of your body. Our patches work by naturally pulling moisture through all layers of your skin, making it 100% pregnancy safe. Simply put the patches on your problem stretch mark areas, go to sleep, and let your body do its thing as it creates a moisture microclimate between the patch and the deep layers of the skin. Effortless stretch mark care!

I am so happy that I can bring a pregnancy-safe option for fighting stretch marks to hard-working mamas everywhere! And by following my Dermaclara patch routine, mamas can see great results in less than 30 days.

If you are looking for a dermatologist-recommended system for fighting your stretch marks, I recommend my Stretch Mark Favs Kit. This kit includes six of our Large SILICONEFUSION™ Patches and our Patch Prep Formula for cleaning your patches and reactivating the adhesion elements, guaranteeing 15 - 30 uses per patch! This is an excellent kit for women who are either currently pregnant and want to prevent stretch marks or new mamas who are looking to tighten up some of that postpartum loose belly skin!

Whatever you use it for, I hope you enjoy and find great results with Dermaclara!

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