The Country's Top Beaches

Jul 21, 2017

the country's best beaches

Americans take their beaches seriously. With over 12,000 miles of coastline, we're spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing where to spend a day at the beach. Here's a look at some of our favorite beaches.

Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii - While known for its impressive cliffs, canyons and rainforests, Kauai also has some of Hawaii’s most picturesque beaches. 50 miles of white sand surround Kauai, and many of these beaches provide intimate atmospheres away from the crowds. Located on the stunning Hawaiian island of Kauai, and just east of Princeville in Hanalei Town, Hanalei Bay is a perfect, curved bay of incredible beauty known for the Hanalei Pier. Restrooms, a pavilion and lifeguards are available. Note that the beach is subject to strong currents so heed all warning signs.

Coronado, California - Famous for Marilyn Monroe's movie Some Like It Hot, Coronado Beach in San Diego, California is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California. With wide swathes of white sand bolstered by rocky barriers and a stunning Hotel Del Coronado in the backdrop, it's no wonder Coronado attracts visitors by the thousands each year.

South Beach, Miami, Florida - Speaking of "some like it hot," this spicy beach in Miami, Florida is not for the faint of heart. A strong Latin flavor, dense attendance, and nearby nightclubs, South Beach is a must-visit for those who like a little (or a lot) of nightlife mixed with their beach time.

Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California - With its iconic pier that features a carnival atmosphere, Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles, is the quintessential SoCal beach. Thousands visit daily for funnel cake, smoothies, street performers, and oh, yeah, the beach. Take a break from the beach and visit some of the swanky restaurants and hotels that line the avenue.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida - You can't mention a list of top beaches without mentioning Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Known for crazy college students who flood the shores every spring break, Fort Lauderdale also attracts families and people of all ages due to its stunning sunsets, endless palm trees, Blue Wave-certified clean sands, and sea turtle sightings.



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