Remove Eye Bags With These Simple Tips

As we get older, it's common to develop mild swelling or "bags” under the eyes. Most of the time, it’s nothing to worry about. Some attribute it to genetics, while some say it’s a symptom of lifestyle choices that you can target and remedy.

In most cases, eye bags result from the tissue around the eye weakening. When that happens, fat, which at one time supported the eyelids, is pulled down by gravity and comes to rest under your eyes, causing bags. 

So, What Causes Eye Bags? 

While fat shifting under the eye creates the characteristic "bag," there are different reasons why the under-eye tissue weakens and makes this happen. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Lack of sleep - Researchers believe that a lack of sleep interferes with the ability to expel excess bodily fluids. They then collect in places like the feet, neck, and under the eyes.
  • Lifestyle choices - Too much caffeine, partying with friends, and stress, can lead to sleep loss and eye bags.
  • Iron deficiency - Also known as anemia, this condition robs the blood of oxygen. This lack of oxygen manifests itself as dark circles in an area like under the eyes where the skin is very thin.
  • Liver disease - Liver disease often results in puffy, swollen eyes and visible veins.
  • Allergies - It’s not uncommon for those who suffer seasonal allergies to develop puffiness under the eyes. 
  • Age - Aging loosens the tissue around the eyes. 

However, just because you have bags under your eyes doesn't mean you have to accept them as a permanent feature.

5 Best Home Remedies for Removing Eye Bags 

Eye bags have been with us since the dawn of civilization. In that time, scores of potential home remedies have emerged. Some are little more than amusing myths, but others have proven themselves effective and, as it turns out, have sound scientific facts behind them.

  1. Cucumber slices - Cucumbers have been used to treat eye bags for as long as anyone can remember. Why? Because they work. They’re naturally cool without being painfully cold like ice cubes can be. Placing cucumber slices under your eyes helps reduce swelling and ramp up collagen production, making for smoother, less puffy skin.
  2. Coffee or Tea - Coffee and tea contain caffeine which is known to constrict blood vessels. This reduces dark circles, but it also prevents fluid from accumulating under the eyes. Additionally, refrigerated tea bags can be used like cucumber slices to reduce swelling. Just be sure not to overdo it with the caffeine. 
  3. Potato skins - Potato skins contain Vitamin C and an enzyme called catecholase with mild bleaching properties. This comes in handy if you have dark circles under your eyes. Applying potato skins to the bags under your eyes can reduce swelling, enhance collagen production, and reduce dark circles.
  4. Egg whites - Hundreds of years ago, old master artists mixed their colors with egg whites because of their binding quality. That same astringent quality can be used under your eyes to tighten up the tissue and reduce the appearance of eye bags. Brush the egg white on and leave it for 15 minutes before washing it off.
  5. Sleep with your head raised - If you’re not a fan of turning your face into a salad bar, try sleeping with your head raised. Elevating your head a few extra inches prevents fluid from collecting under your eyes while you're sleeping.

Best Clinical Treatments to Get Rid of Eye Bags 

Sometimes you want a more permanent solution for the problem of eye bags. In that case, you may want to talk to a dermatologist about what clinical treatments work best to alleviate it. Some of the most popular include: 

  • Blepharoplasty - This is a procedure performed on the lower eyelid. During blepharoplasty, fatty tissue is removed from the area under the eye. Recovery from this procedure usually takes about ten days, but the benefits are long-term. It's not cheap, however. 
  • Orbital Fat Repositioning - During this procedure, the doctor shifts fat from areas with too much to hollow areas. The result is the entire area around the eye appears much smoother.
  • Fillers - Sometimes, what appears to be puffiness is actually the result of a hollow under the eye that makes the surrounding area seem like it’s puffing out. Fillers can be injected into these hollows that level out the area and eliminate the appearance of bags.
  • Fractional CO2 - This is actually a laser treatment that causes the skin around the eye to tighten up. Recovery from the procedure takes about a week, but the results are typically long-lasting. This treatment is usually only recommended if you have severe eye bags.

    Best Products for Removing Eye Bags 

    The following are effective alternatives to the surgical procedures listed above to reduce eye bags.

    Dermaclara’s Clarasome $49.99

    This is a high-quality hydrating cream and moisturizer that infuses the skin with aloe, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and almond oil to reduce puffiness, eliminate dark areas, and return a natural supple luster to your skin. It’s by far our favorite choice for treating eye bags and can (and should) be used on the rest of your face as well. 


    • Rich in essential nutrients and moisturizers
    • Leaves your skin brighter and less puffy
    • A fast, effective solution for eye bags and raccoon eyes


    • Costs a bit more than some other creams
    Dermaclara's Silicone Fusion™ Face Patches $39.99

    The ​​Dermaclara silicone face patches are clinically proven to be the most effective way to deliver moisture to your skin. They seal in a microclimate that naturally pulls moisture up through all layers of your skin. They naturally increase collagen and elastin, resulting in the  safest, most effective way to bring back supple, vibrant skin, prevent water loss, and erase wrinkles.


    • Reusable for 15 to 30 uses
    • ​​Can be applied to the eyes, mouth, forehead, or anywhere
    • Leave skin more susceptible to other steps in your skincare routine


    • Must leave face patches on for 25 to 20 minutes

    FAQs: How to Remove Eye Bags 

    Experts say questions about how to deal with eye bags usually take on one of the following forms.

    How Can You Get Rid of Dark Circles Under the Eye? 

    You get rid of dark circles under your eyes by changing the behavior that may be causing them, like staying up late every night. They may also be symptomatic of a more severe condition like anemia. So you may want to see your doctor to be sure.

    Is There a Way to Get Rid of Eye Bags Instantly? 

    There’s no known way to get rid of eye bags instantly. Even the best creams will take a day or two to produce results.

    Is There a Way to Remove Eye Bags Permanently?

    The best way to remove eye bags permanently is through surgery. Experts tend to discourage surgical solutions because eye bags can often be effectively dealt with by simply changing your sleeping habits. So before you decide to go under the knife, make sure you talk to your doctor first.

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