Red/Purple Stretch Marks vs. White/Silver Stretch Marks

When you’re pregnant and watching stretch marks develop, you may find yourself questioning what their purpose is. Why are they occurring? And what’s the difference between red/purple stretch marks and white/silver ones? 

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks occur when the body grows so quickly that the skin tissue cannot keep up. Specifically, the connective fibers under the skin cannot produce the necessary elasticity to keep up with the rapid expansion, so when the skin stretches quickly, it tears. These connective tissues are made up of collagen, which is a natural building block of skin. When there is not enough collagen and elastin present to address this change, the connecting fibers split apart and rupture with the skin expansion. The skin, therefore, tries to compensate for the rupture with its natural healing process: scarring. 

This is extremely common during pregnancy since the skin is stretching quickly with the baby's growth. In fact, this is so common that 50 to 90% of women get stretch marks while pregnant. 

The most common areas to see stretch marks during/after pregnancy are the breasts, belly, and hips. This makes sense since the breasts and belly grow rapidly, with the average pregnancy weight gain being 25–30 pounds. Younger moms are most likely to see stretch marks during their pregnancies since their skin is at its most taut.

Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Though it’s impossible to completely prevent stretch marks from forming during this time of quick change for your body, there are preventative measures you can take to reduce their appearance and formation.

Since stretch marks come from the depletion of collagen and tearing of elastin, eating food that promotes collagen production and protects tissue from damage is essential. Eat foods rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, zinc, and silica, since they help form collagen. Vitamin C, as an antioxidant, is particularly important since it protects the skin tissue from damage. Drinking water also ensures that your skin will stay supple and healthy. 

Although topical skin ointment is a productive way to keep skin elastic and prepare it for changes during pregnancy, it is not guaranteed. The best way to avoid stretch marks is to keep the skin as hydrated and elastic as possible so that the fibers can stretch as you gain weight and your baby grows. You can find this with Dermaclara.

Red/Purple Stretch Marks

Red/purple stretch marks are the easiest to treat when caught early. They get their red/purple color from the blood vessels under the skin that burst as your skin tissue tears. Although they’ll fade over time, you can expedite the healing process with stretch mark oils and creams, as well as massages for the skin to relax it.

But for guaranteed results, look no further than Dermaclara. The 90-Day Stretch Mark Free Journey with Dermaclara is a non-invasive, safe skincare regimen made with mamas in mind that penetrates deeper than oils and creams. The chemical-free silicone fusion patches create a microclimate between the silicone and the skin to stimulate collagen production, reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Check out this article for How to Get Rid of Purple Stretch Marks for Good. 

White/Silver Stretch Marks

Stretch marks that are white and silver are typically older scars. They appear white because the blood vessels have narrowed by this stage. These stretch marks are more difficult to reduce the appearance of since they have been left to settle and will be less responsive to topical treatment than their fresh, red counterparts.

Many people venture into cosmetic procedures like microdermabrasion, micro-needling, laser therapies, or cosmetic surgery to treat white stretch marks, but Dermaclara offers a non-invasive, reliable result. An at-home nighttime routine includes: exfoliation and moisturization, removing the dead skin cells and lessening the white stretch mark appearance, and applying Dermaclara patches. The patches are left on overnight to help promote collagen production and blend stretch marks into the background.


Babies are an amazing addition to our lives; stretch marks are not. Although stretch marks are extremely common for pregnant women, they are still not always welcome, and therefore we are always looking for ways to stop their arrival or reduce their appearance. Now we know that red and purple stretch marks are fresher and have a higher chance of being treated and becoming less prominent with the aid of Dermaclara.

When using Dermaclara’s safe, non-toxic, chemical-free products, you’ll be experiencing reliable results within just 90-days!

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