How to Repair Stretch Marks with Silicone Sheets

Jun 21, 2017

How to Repair Stretch Marks with Silicone Sheets

How can you repair stretch marks with silicone sheets?


Stretch marks can occur on almost anyone and for many reasons. Though people usually associate them with pregnancy (and correctly so), stretch marks can occur on people young and old, overweight and underweight, male and female. But what are stretch marks? And why do they occur? And how can you help repair stretch marks? Silicone sheets or silicone pads are one solution to help repair stretch marks. We will tell you how to repair stretch marks with silicone sheets, as well as cover other stretch mark solutions.

Since stretch marks have existed as long as humanity. But solutions have only existed in the last century. What are some of these solutions? Some of the low-tech solutions include various oils and creams. Common ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, collagen, various flower extracts, and food ingredients like avocado. Unfortunately, while slathering stretch marks with oils and moisturizing creams may FEEL good, it really does nothing for stretch marks.

Some of the newer high-tech stretch marks solutions including dermarolling, microdermabrasion, and laser stretch mark treatment. There are issues with each of these, however. Dermarolling creates little punctures in the skin. The thought process behind this is that your skin then has to repair itself by creating more collagen. But what can happen is scarring and infection due to improper cleansing of the dermaroller and incorrect technique. Microdermabrasion is the process of using a diamond-tipped tool to remove the top layer of skin. Unfortunately, this process offers moderate improvement, and it needs to be maintained indefinitely for those results to stay. Laser stretch mark treatments are the latest in high-tech offerings from dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Lasers are used to “erase” stretch marks using light. There are some problems with this method. First is cost. Laser treatments are very expensive, and a series of them can run into the thousands. The second is skin tone. Not all lasers work on all skin tones. Generally, darker skin tones lose out.

How can you repair stretch marks with silicone sheets?

How Do Silicone Sheets Work?

The concept is stupefyingly simple, but the results are amazing. Since stretch marks occur because the skin can’t keep up with the rate of expansion, the underlying tissue gets damaged by rapid stretching of the epidermal tissue that's unable the produce enough elastic protein to allow the skin to adjust without tearing.  Silicone sheets help repair stretch marks by helping the damaged skin normalize by producing collagen, moisture, and nutrients damaged on stretched-out skin.

Silicone sheets like those found in Dermaclara clarafuse Silicone Fusion Treatments create a microclimate when applied. This microclimate cover of silicone helps rejuvenate the skin in several ways.

Silicone pads create a microclimate whereby the skin is able to restore itself as it embraces just the right amount of moisture to help it heal. The microclimate allows the skin to produce just the right amount of moisture to bring the skin up to speed in terms of healing. In addition, the silicone spurs collagen production, which helps with “plumping up” the depressed valleys of stretch marks.

Not a superficial fix or only hydration. The most that skin creams and stretch mark solutions can offer are modest, temporary results. But not Dermaclara's Silicone Fusion Treatment, featuring Silicone Fusion Technology. Their silicone pads gently treat the skin in a way that helps the damaged layers rebound from their excessive stretching. Not only that, but Dermaclara Silicone Fusion Treatments are convenient and easy to use. The silicone sheets can be applied before bed or worn at the office, worn while you sleep, or while you go about your day; in any situation, they're treating your stretch marks without discomfort, additional clothing, or multiple doctors' appointments.

how to repair stretch marks with silicone sheets


Skin-Healing Effects. Dermaclara's silicone sheets may be one of the easiest ways you can come back to a place where you love your body again, and love looking in the mirror. Whether you've gotten stretch marks as a result of weight gain, observed a few horizontal or vertical ropy lines on your belly as you wait for your child to be born, or  you're in the midst of accepting your middle-age weight gain, Dermaclara silicone sheets can help you make the most of your most memorable years. Acceptance and contentment are the keys to a happy existence, not regret and distress, the kind that can accompany unhappiness with one’s appearance due to stretch marks. Treating stretch marks with silicone sheets utilizing Dermaclara Silicone Fusion Technology is just the beginning to a new life that's free of scars and stretch marks.

Need more convincing? Read reviews from actual users!

“I love it and it works!! At least for me!! I don't use it religiously but my stretch marks are pretty much fading away!! They're miracle workers!! Thank you!!” - Violet N.

“Dermaclara has one of the most trusted products for anti-aging. Nothing gets close to their Silicone Fusion technology. Clarafuse was my first and favourite product.” - Millicent R.

“I have heard so many success stories from people who have used Dermaclara. I was persuaded to try just from what I heard and I've tried almost all the products so far and my greatest success was from the stretch mark treatment. This has literally changed my life!” - Loise G.

“Dermaclara is one of the best kept secrets for me and some of my girlfriends. We pretend to have flawless skin that doesn't show signs of aging when really we are using the Silicone Fusion technology along with the other products that makes it work. We simply use for 5-7 hours at nights and our wrinkles shrink overtime.” - Charlotte K.

“This heart shaped silicone pad is a miracle worker! I had stretch marks on my lower abs from having a baby recently. They were awful - red, purple, and raised. After using clarafuse just a few times, the color is beginning to fade and the marks are starting to flatten. Excited to see results from longer-term use.” - Claire C.

“I heard about Dermaclara from a coworker. She said she was using it on her stretch marks on her thighs, because of weight loss. Because I had stretch marks all over my legs (thighs, knees, calves) I decided to try it. So far so good. Stretch marks are looking more blended, which is great!” - Maxine W.

“No more stretch mark creams for me! I just stick on clarafuse and watch my stretch marks fade. A low-cost alternative to laser treatments.” - Shelly I.

“Having worked with a cosmetics store for over 3 years I know something works when customers keep coming back for more. After seeing dozens of repeat customers for clarafuse I decided I need to try it myself. Now I know why the demand is so great, it really doesn't shrink the stretch marks and tightens the skin.” - Alisandra F.

“Being a perfectionist means being irritated at the sight of stretch marks and having four kids I just feel like all hope was lost. Clarafuse restored my faith in having flawless, or near flawless skin. I tried it for a few hours for 60 days and my skin was repaired almost to its former glory.” - Erica R.

how to repair stretch marks with silicone sheets

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