Before and After Results of Dermaclara Clarafuse

Jun 01, 2017

Stretch marks are the bane of most women’s existence. Especially if they’ve had children. Up to 80% of the general population (both men and women) have stretch marks, and up to 90% of women who’ve given birth (no matter the size of baby) have stretch marks. Not only that, but stretch marks can appear almost anywhere on the body –the breasts, abdomen (both top and bottom), hips, thighs, arms, lower back, buttocks, calves, and even the inner and upper knees. Some stretch mark sufferers have to conceal their stretch marks, which can cause quite a bit of distress.

 Before and After Results of Dermaclara Clarafuse

Stretch marks are literal tears in the skin, and take on a ropy appearance where the skin was unable to maintain growth without developing stretch marks. This commonly happens when the skin stretches rapidly, such as in the case of pregnancy, puberty, and weight gain or loss. It may be surprising to know that even body builders can get stretch marks where the skin cannot accommodate the enlarging muscles at their rate of growth. On them, you’ll see stretch marks on the arms, shoulders, and even buttocks. With pregnant women, you’ll see stretch marks on the abdomen (obviously the most common location), but also on the enlarging breasts and widening hips and lower back.

 Before and After Results of Dermaclara Clarafuse

Stretch mark sufferers have tried many different methods to get rid of stretch marks—from creams and oils to lasers to newer methods like micro-needling and massage. Though some of these methods may temporarily improve the appearance of the skin due to temporary moisturization and plumping of the skin, the stretch marks are still there. But now, due to a revolutionary discovery by a stretch mark skincare company called Dermaclara, stretch marks don’t have to be an unavoidable part of life. They can be dramatically improved and fade into the surrounding skin. How? Dermaclara developed a skincare advancement called Silicone Fusion Technology. It utilizes the power of proprietary silicone to help the skin heal itself, thereby reducing the contrasting color of stretch marks from the surrounding skin. Silicone Fusion Technology does several things: It stimulates collagen production in the skin, plumping it and firming it up. It draws up moisture from the lower levels of the skin to provide critical hydration to the surface. And it creates a microclimate for the skin to heal, smooth, and normalize itself. Truly amazing!

 Before and After Results of Dermaclara Clarafuse

You’ll find Silicone Fusion Technology in Dermaclara’s Silicone Fusion Treatment, which consists of several products that work synergistically to give you the smooth skin you’ve been longing for. The main product is clarafuse, the silicone skin pads that feature Silicone Fusion Technology. Clarafuse adheres comfortably to skin, and comes in a large heart shape that’s versatile enough to cover stretch marks wherever they may occur.

 Before and After Results of Dermaclara Clarafuse

Stretch marks of any color respond to Dermaclara clarafuse Silicone Fusion Treatment, though newer red or pink stretch marks generally respond the quickest. Older ones (denoted by their silvery-white appearance) can take longer, as they’ve been around for much longer. This is why it’s important to treat stretch marks as early as possible. But if you just discovered Dermaclara, and have just seen the before and after results of Dermaclara, you can still benefit—it just may take longer.

 Before and After Results of Dermaclara Clarafuse

How do you use Dermaclara Silicone Fusion Treatment for stretch marks?

Though several products come in the Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment kit, using the system is easy. First, cleanse the area of skin affected by stretch marks with claraprep cream cleanser. This will prepare the skin for clarafuse silicone pads. This creamy cleanser cleanses skin effectively without over-drying it like so many other cleansers. Rinse claraprep thoroughly, then apply the clarafuse silicone treatment by carefully peeling off the protective plastic backing, then applying it to your clean, dry skin. Leave on for a minimum of an hour, up to nine hours. Clarafuse can even be worn while you sleep, or under your clothes during the day (depending on location of your stretch marks). Clarafuse is the heart of Dermaclara’s Silicone Fusion Treatment. After you remove clarafuse from the skin, it may be temporarily red, but this is only temporary. Once removed, apply claraline peptide fusion serum using claratone serum applicator. This serum infuses the skin with active anti-aging and collagen-stimulating ingredients, which is a great complement to the occlusion (which is the microclimate that the silicone creates when adhering to your skin). And the serum applicator helps push the serum deep into the levels of the skin. Some Dermaclara users experience results in a very short period of time, especially if their stretch marks are newer pink or red ones. If you have older white or silvery stretch marks, they may take longer to respond, but with some time and dedication, even older, stubborn stretch marks can improve. 

 Before and After Results of Dermaclara Clarafuse

Here’s what customers have to say about their experience with Dermaclara clarafuset:

“I love this kit! I just wash and wear clarafuse under my clothes all day. After using it for just a couple of weeks, my pregnancy stretch marks look noticeably reduced! Even my husband noticed, and he never notices anything.” – Wendy G.

“I use Clarafuse on stretch marks all over my body - from my knees to my arms, which I why I don't want to run out of it! I wash my body with Claraprep, then I apply Clarafuse and wear it while I'm watching TV or reading in the evening before going to bed.” – Ginny Y.

“I was eavesdropping at the mall when I heard two women (who appeared to be complete strangers) sharing their experience from using clarafuse. Next thing I knew, I was ordering Dermaclara. had never heard about this company before but the way those women spoke about the effects on their stretch marks, I had to try it. So glad I did! My stretch marks look much improved after using the Silicone Fusion Treatment for several weeks.” – Helen K.

“I used the Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment, and like how Dermaclara worked on my scars and discoloration! My skin tone's more even, so I'm glad there's an inexpensive option to replenish the products, especially clarafuse!” – Kelly D.

 Before and After Results of Dermaclara Clarafuse

“I was a bit weirded out that I would have to stick something to my stretch marks, but I was surprised at how flexible and comfortable clarafuse was! Almost cooling to the touch. I really like how it's clinically tested, and how I don't need to buy the Advanced kit all over again, I can just get the Basic one to replace what I used.” – Toula P.

Interested in having your own impressive before and after results of Dermaclara clarafuse? With thousands of satisfied customers around the world, why not join them by ordering Dermaclara Silicone Fusion Treatment? This affordable, easy-to-use stretch mark skincare line is clinically tested, chemical-free, and results oriented.

 Before and After Results of Dermaclara Clarafuse

Where can you purchase Dermaclara Silicone Fusion Treatments for stretch marks?

Dermaclara Silicone Fusion Treatment products can be purchased online at Dermaclara offers free, expedited shipping on all orders and a 60-day money back guarantee for a risk-free purchase. Try it for 60 days, and if you don’t love it, return it! The only thing you have to lose is your stretch marks, scars, or keloids!



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