How to Pick a Pumpkin

Oct 03, 2017

how to pick a pumpkin

Pumpkin patches hold a special place in fall's heart. Filled with happy, glowing, orange objects that represent autumn, they're the perfect way to fill an afternoon when the leaves start to change. There's something pretty magical about that moment when you and your pumpkin connect for the first time. That very pumpkin may have been passed by a hundred other people who didn't even notice it, but the second you lay eyes on it, you know it's the one for you.

There's not an exact science when it comes to picking the perfect pumpkin; it's more a labor of love. That said, there are a few tips you can take with you when you hit the pumpkin patches this fall:

1. Check for Soft Spots

Make sure your pumpkin doesn't have any spots that are squishy. Soft spots often indicate the pumpkin's damaged or on its way to early spoilage. Wrinkles are usually another sign that a pumpkin's lifespan won't be as long as you'd probably want it to be.

Be sure to check the whole pumpkin, including the bottom. 

2. Make Sure it Sits Upright

If you're planning to carve your pumpkins, you don't want to find out the hard way that your efforts were in vain if your delicately designed Jack-o-lantern lands on its face! 

For carving pumpkins, it's important to make sure they can sit up on their own -- and in a manner that will work well when your work is finished.

3. Embrace a Little Extra Character

Don't pass by a pumpkin that's a little bumpy or has a strange consistency just because it's not perfect. Weird pumpkins that have a little extra character can be fun conversation pieces when your friends and family come by!

4. Don't Leave out the Little Guys

If you're picking pumpkins with your kids, they'll probably go for the biggest pumpkin in the patch. Even if that is your ultimate goal, let them grab a pumpkin that's more suitable to their size, too. You'll be amazed at how proud little ones can be when they tote their own hand-picked pumpkins around the patch.

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