Can Tattoos Cover Stretch Marks?


Below we go over the best stretch mark cover up options. From easy drug store finds, specific clothing, and tattoos to the ultimate silicone solution, there are many ways to achieve stretch mark coverage.

How to Hide Stretch Marks on Stomach

Below we outline three tips to hide stretch marks on your stomach but feel free to use these methods anywhere you have stretch marks.

  1. Self-Tanner

Skip the sun and opt for a self-tanner. Self-tanners can help fill in stretch marks. The tanner will help bring the stretch mark closer to the color of your skin. Please note regular tanning does not help hide stretch marks. Stretch marks are less likely to tan, and sunbathing can have negative effects on overall health.

  1. Clothing

This tip is simple and effective. Wear long sleeves, one-pieces, or pants to cover up areas with stretch marks you prefer to keep private.

  1. Makeup

If you are uncomfortable with self-tanners, makeup is a great alternative. Use a foundation or concealer that matches your skin tone and fill in the stretch marks. Be warned; if you are swimming, makeup can melt off.

Those are the three best at-home stretch mark cover up methods for when you need a little extra coverage.


Can You Use Tattoos to Cover Up Stretch Marks?

Good news, you CAN cover up stretch marks with tattoos. Whether it is covering them entirely or layering tattoos over stretch marks like an art piece, tattoos are a legitimate way to cover up stretch marks. Just be sure to select a professional artist and inform them ahead of time.

But, Can You Tattoo on Loose Skin?

Tattooing on loose or crepey skin can be very difficult. Loose skin is a result of decreased collagen and elastin. When skin is loose, it can be harder to tattoo and is more likely to stretch and warp. We recommend talking with a skilled tattoo artist who can work with you and your skin because it is still possible!

Stretch Mark Tattoo Procedures

There are two versions of stretch mark tattoo procedures, medical and cosmetic. Read on below to learn more about these inventive solutions to cover stretch marks.

Medical Tattoo Stretch Marks

Medical tattooing for stretch marks can make a significant impact. Also known as cosmetic micropigmentation or stretch mark camouflage, medical tattooing reduces the appearance of stretch marks with the use of permanent makeup. Permanent makeup for stretch marks is the same procedure used to enhance eyebrows, eyes, or lips. They embed organic pigment, blended to match your skin perfectly into the stretch mark and surrounding area. This process is also classified as permanent cosmetics and paramedical tattooing and helps to color correct the stretch mark.



Cosmetic Tattoo Stretch Marks

Cosmetic tattoo stretch mark procedures, also known as “inkless” tattoo stretch marks, work like micro-needling. This procedure creates tiny holes in the skin and kickstarts collagen and elastin production. Although no ink is used, the tattoo machine helps serums, oils, and vitamins penetrate more deeply. The result is smooth and even skin. Unfortunately, this procedure does not target color contrast due to stretch marks. It is only designed to target texture. After the treatment, stretch marks will appear red and inflamed for about four to 14 days. Over the next few months, your skin will heal, and the stretch marks will fade.

If you are less interested in blending your stretch marks, you can opt to highlight them with color, art, or a small blackout tattoo. There is no one way to cover up your stretch marks, and you just might find that by highlighting them, you actually make them less visible.

Is It Hard to Tattoo Over Stretch Marks?

The skin is different around the area of a stretch mark. It can be more tender, which leads to a higher likelihood of pain. For this reason alone, many tattoo artists recommend waiting until your stretch marks have settled in and aged. The rule is the older the stretch mark, the less sensitive the skin, but be aware that the pain may still be higher.

How to Prepare for a Stretch Mark Tattoo

This is a good go-to for any tattoo you are thinking of having but especially for skin with stretch marks, moisturize and hydrate the skin in the weeks coming up to your appointment. It makes the skin easier to tattoo and the texture easier to navigate. But, avoid using moisturizer the day of your appointment, as it can interfere with the stencil.

Tattooing Over Stretch Marks Before and After

Stomach Stretch Mark Tattoos Before and After



Pregnancy Stretch Mark Tattoo Cover Up Before and After


Butt Stretch Mark Tattoo Camouflage Before and After


Chest/Boob Tattoo Stretch Mark Removal Before and After


What If I Get More Stretch Marks Where the Tattoo Is?

The hard truth is that if more stretch marks appear, they could warp and damage the overall quality of the tattoo. Depending on the size of the new stretch marks, they could be unnoticeable or end up changing the appearance of the tattoo significantly. For this reason, hold off on getting a tattoo if you plan to get pregnant or gain significant muscle.

The Tattoo-less Stretch Mark Solution

Before you open a new tab and google “medical tattooing for stretch marks near me,” hear us out. There is a far more cost-efficient option that is entirely painless but still delivers results. You do not need to get a tattoo to hide stretch marks.

Dermaclara is the leading non-invasive, chemical-free, and dermatologist-approved solution to wrinkles, sagging skin, and stretch marks. The medical-grade silicone creates a microclimate that boosts collagen, elastin, and moisture, which fades stretch marks, wrinkles, and fine lines. Results are achievable after one use but become permanent after three months of consistent use.

So, if you feel a little anxious about getting a tattoo know that you don’t need to. Dermaclara is here for all our needle-fearing friends who want permanent, holistic results without invasive procedures.

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