Ashley's Recommended Routine

Maybe you are late to the game, or perhaps you have been following the game the whole time and consider yourself one of our dedicated DermaLOVERS…Either way, welcome to Dermaclara and welcome to beautiful, soft, bouncy skin.

How Dermaclara Started

Dermaclara was founded by Ashley King in a series of serendipitous events that led to a big lightbulb moment!

Ashely worked in the medical field for over ten years, with most of her time spent in plastic surgery, where she developed an acute understanding of skin reconstruction and the healing process. During the day, she assisted in surgeries, and, at night, she expanded her education on skin reconstruction and healing.

Five years ago, Ashley had an emergency appendectomy, and after the surgery, she was given silicone patches to help heal the scar. She was surprised and overjoyed with the results.

Jump forward to last year, when her newly pregnant sister expressed concern over stretch marks. With Ashley’s industry knowledge and previous experience, she thought over her sister's predicament and reached her “lightbulb” moment.

Ashley realized: stretch marks are scars, and silicone fades scars! ​​The answer to her sister's worries was silicone! That’s when Dermaclara was born.

Ashley’s Signature Recommended Routine

Since founding Dermaclara, Ashley’s signature recommended routine has never changed. Customers who have followed her routine have been able to remove stretch marks, old and new, and tighten any loose skin developed during pregnancy in as little as 30 days. Follow along below for unbelievable results.

  1. Begin each treatment by cleaning the area using a soft and gentle cream-to-foam cleanser similar to our Claraprep.
  2. After removing any oils and dry skin, thoroughly dry your belly before applying our patches.
  3. Apply one to each side of your stomach and an extra one right in the center of your belly. 
  4. When ready, gently remove the patches, clean them with Patch Prep, and let them air dry before reapplying to the backing card.
  5. Finish with a hyaluronic moisturizer, similar to Clarasome, to keep the top layer of your skin hydrated.

So, what is the step that marks it as Ashley’s signature recommended routine? Well, it’s a secret “pre-step.” You will want to do all the above but in the evening, incorporated into your nighttime routine. After applying the patches, slip on a tight-fitted shirt to keep everything in place as you sleep. Having the patches on for this extended amount of time deepens the effect of the microclimate created between your skin and the silicone patches.


Ashley’s recommended routine is what will convert you from a regular Dermaclara user to a DermaLOVER.

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