Enhanced Silicone Fusion V3

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Stop Wasting Your Money On Stretch Mark Creams!

#1 Clinically Proven System

Introducing Enhanced Silicone Fusion Stretch Mark System

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"I did not like how stretch marks made me feel. I have tried every cream & every butter, and nothing has worked until I was introduced to Dermaclara."

~ Carolyn, Dermaclara Customer

Introducing Enhanced Silicone Fusion Stretch Mark System

"I did not like how stretch marks made me feel. I have tried every cream & every butter, and nothing has worked until I was introduced to Dermaclara."

~ Carolyn, Dermaclara Customer



Risk-free, 30-day results guarantee with every purchase.


Our patches use the same technology as plastic surgeons to soften, flatten, and fade your scars from the comfort of your own home.



Clinically tested and proven to fade stretch marks and scars after one use.

How Dermaclara and Silicone Fusion Heal Scars

  • Silicone patches heal scars by increasing the skin's hydration and regulating collagen production. Allowing the skin to breath, resulting in a smoother, flatter scar.
  • Silicone patches protect the skin from bacterial infections
  • Silicone patches have been used in scar therapy for more than 30 years, successfully reducing the color and texture of stretch marks, acne discoloration’s, and scars from surgery or injury.

1 Patch Prep™

Proprietary Formula:

Engineered and designed to re-activate adhesive properties in-between treatments.

Removes dead skin, oils, and sweat in-between treatments for perfect storage.

Increased reusability by 50%.

Amplified Uses

Combats all environment and skin type (oily, dry or combo).

Guaranteed to get: 15 - 30 uses.

Why Try Enhanced Silicone Fusion™️?

of users said they saw a decrease in pigmentation of scars and other skin defects.

of users said they would recommend to a friend

of users said they saw a reduction in the thickness and appearance of scars

What's Included

2 Enhanced Silicone Patches™

Tear Proof™
Patches don't tear when removing, with no sticky residue left on body.
Pregnancy Safe™
No chemicals, bio inert, and made of 100% medical grade silicone.
Flex Fit Technology™
Hugs the curves and contours of your body so placement is a breeze.
Allows patch to move and stay in place while asleep without slipping or pulling skin.

How to Use?

  1. PREP: Clean your skin of oil, dirt, sweat, etc., with a cleanser. (Use Claraprep™ for best results.)

  2. APPLY: Place Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Pregnancy patches adhesive side down to the treatment area for 1 - 8 hours.
  3. CLEAN: Rinse Patches using warm water and Patch Prep™ to remove dead skin and oils to repair adhesive.
  4. STORE: After Patches air dry, place patches adhesive side down on textured backing card, store for later use in a resealable pouch.

Why Customers Choose Dermaclara

Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Stretch Mark Patches

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  • 2 Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Patches
  • Proprietary Patch Prep™ Formula

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  • Waterproof Travel Bag (Value $10)
  • Pore-Clearing Silicone Exfoliator (Value $7)

*Ships Every 60 Days

What Our Customers Are Saying

"My friends and family keep asking me if I’ve had work done because the improvements have been so dramatic! I’m thrilled with the results so far and can’t wait to see the long-term benefits if this is just from one week!"

Stephanie Davis

"My stomach and hips were awful after twins! I wasn't sure what to do, until a friend gifted me with silicone fusion patch! I've been using them for a couple weeks and I'm really impressed with the results so far!"

Tammy Pugliese

"This is hands down THE best product on the market right now for stretch marks. The best thing about the silicone treatment is that it's easy to use. I'd say to anyone try it yourself, the proof is in the pudding"

Jenni Parker


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