What Are Stretch Marks and Why Do We Get Them?

What Are Stretch Marks and Why Do We Get Them

Almost everyone has stretch marks. But what are these long, sometimes-jagged, ropy lines that seem to mar everyone's skin (especially mothers)?

Stretch marks literally are small tears in the skin where it has stretched beyond its natural capabilities in a short amount of time. The skin doesn't have time to stretch slowly to maintain its smoothness, so it tears. These tears are considered scars from the inside out. Common causes of stretch marks include: weight gain or loss, pregnancy, or puberty growth spurts. Because stretch marks happen to all ethnic groups, ages, and genders, they're much more common than most people realize.

In the early stages of stretch mark development, they appear pinkish, reddish, or purple-y. After awhile, they fade to a silvery-white. No matter the color, stretch marks stand out from the surrounding skin, and can cause shame, embarrassment, and sometimes psychologically distress for the person who has them. And where do you get them? Stretch marks can appear almost anywhere, and in patterns that look like tiger stripes or road maps: stomach, hips, thighs, knees, calves, arms, shoulders, lower back, and even the buttocks.

Stretch marks are also largely out of your hands. If you're genetically predisposed to get them (and most of us are), you will get them if you go through one or more of the above life events. For more information about stretch marks and how to treat them, visit stretch mark skincare company Dermaclara.com.

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