Top Rated Charcoal Face Masks You Should Absolutely Try

Though some old-school beauticians can hardly believe it, activated charcoal has made the leap from your standard backyard grill to being applied on the face

So how exactly did this happen? How did charcoal go from cooking our burgers and hot dogs to helping us deal with any facial fallout from eating too many burgers and hot dogs? 

What happened is that researchers discovered that charcoal has a quality that enables it to draw dirt and grime out of our pores. When charcoal is added to a facial mask, this attractive ability is optimized and you wind up with perhaps the cleanest face you’ve ever had. 

But not all charcoal masks are not created equal. Below, we’re going to separate the ones that are just getting along with the hype to the ones that can be considered as outstanding beauty products.

What are Charcoal Face Masks and Their Benefits? 

In a nutshell, a charcoal face mask is a mask made using activated charcoal. “Activated” doesn’t mean it’s on a timer or that it’s moving around. It just means it’s been treated to increase its already formidable absorbency. 

As such, an activated charcoal face mask can pull dirt, environmental pollutants, and other toxins out of your skin. A charcoal mask isn’t typically washed off like most masks. It’s actually peeled off and we’ll get into that a bit more in a few. For now, the benefits of the charcoal mask are many and include: 

  • Ultra-clean pores - As we mentioned, charcoal acts like a magnet or vacuum pulling unwanted material out of your pores.
  • Unparalleled oil absorption - It not only draws out dirt, dust, and chemical byproducts, it also absorbs oil like nobody’s business.
  • Peerless exfoliation - Because of its attractive qualities, a charcoal mask leaves your pores in a pristine state.
  • Healthier, cleaner, smoother skin - The sum total of all the benefits of the charcoal mask is clean, healthy skin.

charcoal face masks

When Should You Use Charcoal Face Masks? 

Charcoal masks serve a lot of useful purposes. As such, their use isn't restricted to one particular type of skin condition. Basically, it's recommended you use a charcoal mask to: 

  • Clear blackheads - There are few other masks out there that can do a better job from pulling unsightly blackheads right out of your pores.
  • Treat acne - It treats and prevents pimples from appearing.
  • Neutralize oily skin - Activated charcoal is extremely absorbent and does an outstanding job of removing excess oil from the skin

Charcoal masks also has other uses including being put into service to cleanse the scalp and to lighten skin in places like the underarms. Charcoal masks may not be the answer to every skin malady out there but they show an incredible versatility for different uses.

Do Charcoal Face Masks Work for Acne? 

Charcoal face masks do work for acne. They leave your skin in a much healthier state. One that’s less likely to be susceptible to an acne outbreak.

Do Charcoal Peel Masks Work? 

Yes, charcoal peel masks do work. Although as we mentioned above, they should be used judiciously in order to avoid irritating the skin.

How do Charcoal Clay Masks Work? 

Charcoal clay masks work by binding to the dirt, toxins, and oil from your pores and then draws them out.

Best 6 Charcoal Face Masks to Try 

  • Nylea Blackhead Remover Mask - Nylea has created a safe and pure charcoal mask that will help you tackle common problems including acne. This is a peel-off mask, as are most charcoal masks , so be careful not to apply more than 1 or 2 times a month.

    We love how effective it is at removing blemishes and pimples will likely be banished from your skin if you make this part of your normal beauty regimen.
  • Pure Body Naturals Activated Charcoal Creme Face Mask - Pure Body has produced a well-rounded charcoal mask that not only vacuums out blackheads and neutralizes excess oils but also rehydrates and tones.

    With vitamin C and B3 as well as hyaluronic acid infused in the mask, it effectively gets in, retrieves the toxins, and cleans up your skin after it’s taken off. It’s a wee bit harsher than some of the other masks we tested, but there’s no arguing with the results.

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"I always make sure I deeply hydrate my face with a facial mask when I'm on the road" - Claudia Kim 

  • FineVine Activated Charcoal Mud Mask - FineVine combines activated charcoal with mineral-rich mud from the Dead Sea to produce an outstanding charcoal mask for acne, pimples, blemishes, and more.

    FineVine scours your pores of pollutants, oil, dirt, and grime which opens them up and allows your face to breath. We could feel it penetrating the skin. After removal, you'll see a visibly younger-looking you staring back at you in the mirror. 
  • Gold Mountain Beauty Activated Charcoal Face Mask - Gold Mountain combines premium activated charcoal with organic ingredients like bentonite clay, theobroma cocoa powder and coconut milk powder to produce a charcoal mask of exceptional purity and efficacy.

    This is by far one of the best charcoal masks we tested when it comes to eliminating blackheads. It’s wonderfully affordable and compatible with any skin type.
  • ETTGS Blackhead Remover Mask - ETTGS uses 100% bamboo charcoal to optimize the ability of their mask to get after dirt, oil, and environmental pollutants.

    Bamboo charcoal is known for its exceptional porousness. When used as part of a charcoal mask, it enables you to rid your skin of even the smallest dirt, debris. and bacteria. Thereby, leaving it glowing and supple. The result? Your face becomes an unwanted home for acne.

A Word of Caution and an Important Alternative

Keep in mind that, as we’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions now, the charcoal mask is a peel-off mask. And as wonderfully effective as it may be (and it is), it commonly produces one thing wash off masks don't: pain. Sometimes, quite a bit of pain. 

As such, we feel compelled to offer an equally effective but pain-free alternative to a charcoal mask

  •       Dermaclara Beauty clarafuse Face Treatment - Dermaclara Beuaty's clarafuse Silicone Fusion Treatment is a breakthrough in low-impact, high-return facial treatments.

    It uses the rejuvenating power of the company's much-heralded silicone patches technology with their claraprep hydrating cream cleanser to essentially reformat the surface of your skin without desensitizing it like peels can. Wear it while you sleep and wake up looking and feeling younger and healthier.

Where Can You Buy Charcoal Face Masks? 

Most charcoal face masks are available via the Amazon marketplace. Though we would advise you to be careful when purchasing from there. Make sure you buy from either the manufacturer or an authorized reseller. You’ll also find most of the above products at your local beauty supply store, at renowned brick and mortar retailers such as Sephora and via the manufacturer’s website. 

The Dermaclara Beauty clarafuse silicone patches we’re so high on are available on the Dermaclara Beauty website here. You'll be sure you're getting the real thing and you'll also be able to secure the best available price.

Why You Should Add Charcoal Face Masks to Your Skincare Routine 

A generation ago, virtually no one considered charcoal to be a valid component of a beauty routine. But that was then and this is now. Charcoal masks with their almost magnetic ability to pull dirt out of your pores and has become one of the most popular methods of exfoliating. It not only reduces the risk of acne but it also restored and rejuvenating tired, world-weary skin

Make sure to add a charcoal face mask or our top Dermaclara Beauty anti-acne face mask for a clean, bright, pimple-free skin you’ve been seeking.

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