Is Toner a Must-Have? Benefits and Myths Debunked


A common question from skincare enthusiasts is, "What does toner do for your face? or "When to use toner?" Unlike moisturizers and face washes that are heavily marketed and termed as skincare essentials, skin toners do not receive the same limelight. 

They are often regarded as optional skincare products that you can do away with, however, toners offer so much more and can transform your skin if used correctly. Our answer to these questions lies deep within this article, but first, what is a toner or what is toning for skin?

What is toner?

In cosmetology, a skin toner refers to a product that is designed to cleanse the skin, as well as, reduce your pore's visibility. Toners come in different forms, although they are originally water-based liquids infused with skin-soothing and cleansing compounds like aloe. Nowadays, there are different kinds of toners to deal with different skin issues; thus, we recommend you choose a brand that suits your needs. 

What are the benefits of toner?

The benefits of toners are boundless and are only applicable to those who religiously use them. In addition to your existing skincare routine (or products), the following are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you incorporate toners into your skin regimen:


Balances pH Levels 

According to dermatologists, people with oily skin tend to have an acidic PH of 6 or less. Thus, they should incorporate facial cleansers that are alkaline to balance out the skin's PH. However, the excessive use of facial wash can disturb the skin's PH level, and this can lead to dryness and a damaged skin barrier. A toner ensures the skin's PH remains optimal and also prevents the dryness that comes along with face washes. Most toners fall within the PH range of 5-7, which is neither acidic nor alkaline; they can help balance your skin's overall PH. 

Prevents Acne 

Toners are excellent for acne-prone skin. They can help remove dead skin, dirt, and dried sebum from the skin to reduce your chances of breakouts. Since toners are known to balance out the skin's PH, they reduce inflammation and irritation that is prevalent in many acne-prone skins. Many toners on the shelf are infused with safe ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that actively fight acne.

Tightens Pores 

Another common question in the skincare world is "Does toner shrink pores?" Enlarged skin pores tops the list as one of the leading causes of skin issues that cause insecurity in people. For those who suffer from mild to severe enlarged pores, a skin toner offers pore-tightening toner benefits. 

Skin toners are liquid-based products that are easily absorbed into the skin pores. They are also infused with certain ingredients, sometimes called astringents, that help reduce enlarged skin pores. For instance, witch hazel extract and allantoin are common pore-minimizing ingredients that unclog, shrink, moisturize, and help promote cellular regeneration on the skin. 


Removes Skin Pollutants 

Face wash may guarantee a clean face, but it does not effectively remove every trace of dirt on your face. Another purpose of facial toner for skin is to get rid of dirt that was not removed during face washing. Skin toners penetrate the tiny pores of your skin and attract tiny pollutants, unclogging the pores and preventing acne. 

Can Glow up the Skin 

Another purpose of skin toner is to glow up the skin. If you suffer from dead or dull skin appearance, despite your 10-step skin regimen, all you may be missing is a skin toner. Skin toners provide immediate hydration since they are water-based and also remove dead skin faster than face washing. Incorporating toner into your skin regimen when you prep, and your face can glow up your skin.

What are the myths about using facial toner? 

Like many skin products, facial toners have had their fair share of myths surrounding their usage and benefits. Opinions from unverified skin professionals have contributed to the misinformation as regards the use of toners. Here are some of these debunked claims below:

Toners dry up the skin 

The common misconception of facial toners is that they dry up the skin. This is untrue as toners are liquid-based products that provide all-round hydration to the skin. Many people often confuse facial toners with astringents. However, they are two different products with no similarities. 

Toners, as mentioned earlier, are liquid-based products that are infused with nutrients to clean and hydrate your skin. Meanwhile, astringents are alcohol-based products that draw water or moisture out of your skin tissues to cause dryness. Avoid astringents and any other alcohol-based skin products if you want to prevent dryness.

You don't need to use toner if you are using a cleanser 

The presence of face cleansers does not overrule the essence of toners. Both skin products perform different functions and cannot replace the other. Skin cleansers cleanse the face and get rid of dirt, while toners maintain the skin's PH balance and perform other functions. To enjoy the best of both worlds, use your toners after cleansing. 

Toners consist of harsh chemicals 

Toners do not contain harsh chemicals. They are made with skin ingredients that protect the skin barrier and supply moisture. Other skin products, particularly those containing alcohol, dry out the skin and distort the moisture balance.

Toners can close pores 

Toners do not close pores; instead, they minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. Although many external factors contribute to your pore size, pore size is hereditary and genetic, according to dermatologists. Toners cannot rewrite your genetic makeup of enlarged pores. Instead, they can help minimize enlarged pore appearance caused by poor skin habits or other external factors.

Toners are not for people with sensitive skin 

Toners are for all skin types, especially for sensitive and irritated skin. They contain calming ingredients, and the purpose of facial toner is to soothe irritation and inflammation on sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin should incorporate toner skincare into their daily skin regimen.


How to apply toner

Skincare newbies looking to include toners into their regimen are often confused about what to do. It is common to encounter questions like "Do you wash off toner after applying?" 

Skin toners differ a bit from other skin products. To begin, make sure your skin is damp, that is, not entirely wet or dry skin. Damp skin aids in the penetration of toners and improves their benefits. After washing your face with Claraprep face wash, dampen your face to reduce moisture. Use a cotton pad or wool or soak a reasonable amount of toner for skin and apply it to the skin. Drag the soaked cotton pad across the skin several times and concentrate on your T-zones. 

Extend the pad to your neck and ears and clean them thoroughly. If the cotton pad appears dirty, replace it with a newly soaked cotton pad and repeat the procedure. Allow the toner to soak into your skin before applying other skin products like Clarasome moisturizer. Do this religiously for improved results. 


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