The Naked Skincare Routine: How to Simplify Your Skincare and Achieve Great Results

naked products

The skincare industry seems to be coming out with new, active skin care products for different skin issues. This inadvertently has confused many as the oversaturated market has prevented several people from achieving an ideal skincare regimen. Hence, it is important to keep things simple and allow more room for the things that matter in your life because your beauty regimen should feel enjoyable, not like a job.

Whether you're a boss babe on the move, a busy mom juggling a million things, or a 9-5 worker looking to perfect your naked skincare routine and achieve great results, this article will steer you on the right path. Here we have highlighted a simple 6-step procedure and some naked products that will take your skin from "meh" to "wow."


If you have ever wondered how to cleanse your face correctly, then you are not alone, as millions of people are facing this same dilemma. While washing your face properly may seem simple—just splash on some water, rub in some mild face cleanser, and rinse—it requires some procedures, like the use of facial cleansers that many people overlook. This leads to the question: "What do facial cleansers do?"

The benefits of a good face cleanser like Dermaclara's Cream-to-Foam Cleanser can not be overemphasized as it slugs out debris, dead skin cells, makeup, and other substances that could clog your pores or otherwise dull your skin. To prevent breakouts and ensure a thorough cleanse, it is important to choose a good face wash. 

Choosing a proper face cleanser is not a "one size fits all" thing. Many believe face wipes can substitute for a cleanser; however, it only removes a small percentage of dirt on your face. It can also deposit a large residue of dirt depending on the brand of face wipes you use. There are skin types for dry, oily, and combination skin out there. So, make sure you scrutinize properly before choosing one. 

You should always apply any cleanser to your dry skin first because the chemical components are often made to stick to the molecules being removed. Then, dampen your fingertips with warm water and massage your entire face in a circular motion. Don't forget your T-zones as you wash, focus on oil-prone areas, and ensure you scrub gently and constantly.

Take your time while washing as you carefully remove all dirt and oil all over your face. Rinse with lukewarm water and double rinse if it feels soap. Finally, use a clean, dry face towel to dry your face, then proceed to the next skincare routine you have in mind.

naked products


You may already be aware of the benefits exfoliating offers to your skin. Many skincare highlights the shine it gives and how your skin seems lighter and glowy. Proper exfoliating offers more than that, as you also enjoy a fresh skin layer that the exfoliant dislodges. 

Exfoliating requires proper attention as too much can disturb or destroy your skin barrier, exposing you to acne and numerous skin conditions that can set your progress back. The best way to exfoliate is to choose a good exfoliating product. You can either go with the ol' homemade sugar scrub or DIY oat scrub or simply walk into your beauty store and get a gentle exfoliating scrub.

If unsure, consult a dermatologist who will recommend several exfoliators depending on your financial budget and preference. When exfoliating, generously apply the naked ingredients all over your face and start scrubbing in a circular motion for even removal. Rinse with lukewarm water after 3 to 5 mins and apply the necessary moisturizers.

There are also body scrubs or exfoliators that help improve the shine and radiance of your entire skin and lip scrubs that can promote collagen in your lips. Using a thick washcloth as you bathe every day can drastically improve the shine and health of your skin.


Toners are often ignored in the skin as many believe it offers little importance. This is untrue as toners should be an important foundation of your skincare routine as it follows numerous benefits. A toner is a water-like substance used after cleansing and before moisturizing. Many believe a cleanser can fully strip off dirt on the face and would rather skip the toner, whereas a toner serves as a secondary cleaner that strips off the dirt that tour cleanser might not hold onto. 

A skin toner's two main functions are to hydrate your skin and eliminate dead skin cells. It also serves as a makeup base for makeup products and other skincare. Choose a toner that suits your skin type, then use a cotton ball or a skincare cotton pad to gently apply the toner onto your face. Ensure you wait a few seconds as you blot your face to allow your skin to absorb the toner. There are also spray toners that allow you to spritz all over your face. You can also use a skin-toning absorption tool like Dermaclara's skin-toning absorption tool to amplify the results. 

naked products


You might believe that only persons with dehydrated skin need to be concerned about their hydration. But hydrating your skin is similar to hydrating your body. Regardless of skin type, your skin needs hydration to look and feel its best. 

It's critical to understand how hydrating products function differently because your decision will significantly impact your skin's health. You must actively replenish water lost from your skin if it is dehydrated by choosing the right hydrating product. Look for products that contain hyaluronic acid, which can hold 1,000 times its weight in water and offer a generous amount of hydration to the skin.

Apply serum 

If you are looking to take your skincare to another level, a naked serum might be exactly what you need. A face serum is an important product used before moisturizing to nourish and protect your skin. It contains a high concentration of beneficial components that can target skin conditions such as large pores and hyperpigmentation and guarantee results within a short while. 

Face serum usually comes in small bottles with thin viscosity, containing various active substances, and is often marketed as collagen renewal serum and skin renewal serum. There are numerous kinds of serums ranging from Vitamin C to Retinol to Growth serum for the face, and more. They help reduce the visibility of fine lines, promote collagen for your lips (that is, lip serum) and wrinkles, and also defend your skin against oxidative damage and free radicals.

Applying a serum is very easy as it all requires you to pour out the content onto your hands via the applicator. You can also pour it on your skin with the applicator, then massage it properly into your skin until it is evenly spread and properly immersed.

naked products


When choosing a moisturizer, your skin type and the degree of dryness you're feeling will determine what to get. Therefore, seeing your dermatologist for advice is the most specific, customized counsel for your skin type if you are unsure of what to choose. A proper moisturizer with growth factors like Dermaclara's hyaluronic acid moisturizer can aid in keeping it balanced, which can prevent future skin issues from occurring.

If your skin is prone to oiliness, opt for lotions rather than creams, and look for a moisturizer that contains an exfoliator. If it is dry, look for cream because they typically contain more oil. When you apply your entire skincare product, start with the lightest goods and work your way up to the thickest ones. For better results, we recommend night creams that contain peptides and retinol, which are two chemicals that can soothe and restore the face.

naked products

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