Stretch Marks Silicone Fusion Reviews

Apr 03, 2017

Dermaclara clarafuse is a stretch mark treatment that employs Silicone Fusion Technology, a brand new skincare discovery, to treat stretch marks that can occur all over the body. This Silicone Fusion Treatment consists of medical grade silicone that adheres to stretch-marked skin. While sticking to skin, Silicone Fusion Technology allows the skin to heal itself. This healing environment is called occlusion. Occlusion provides a quick and painless solution to stretch marks and other skin imperfections.

 stretch marks silicone fusion reviews

Thousands of women across the country have used clarafuse silicone fusion treatments for stretch marks. Here are their stretch marks Silicone Fusion reviews:

"I've had stretch marks since I was a teenager, and they only got worse after having kids. But now, after discovering clarafuse stretch mark treatments, they've faded significantly! So happy!" - Jeri T., Helena, MT

"I have ugly stretch marks on my inner and outer thighs, but I started using clarafuse, just sticking the treatment on under my clothes and wearing them all day. I was surprised at how fast they improved! Highly recommend." - Marnie G., Dallas, TX

"I used to get painful dermabrasion on the stretch marks on my hips, but the results wouldn't last long. Now I just use clarafuse, which works just as well, and is inexpensive!" - Melissa F., Washington, D.C.

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