Skincare for 30s: The Ultimate Guide to Glowing Skin

moisturizer for oily skin

The “30s are the new 20s” is becoming a common phrase, rightly so, as many people in the age bracket say they don’t feel much different bodily than during their late 20s. Well, people that take care of their health and skin, at least.

While we can all agree that schedules get tighter and you generally have more things on your mind during your 30s, people who still manage to follow their skin care routine have fewer fine lines, wrinkles, and black patches than people who do not. 

But we get, you’re busy, and you probably don’t have time as before. So, how can you get the best and most affordable skin care routine in your 30s that doesn’t require many steps and is still very effective? Follow along as we discuss the ultimate guide to achieving the perfect skin care routine 30s.

How can I deal with dark spots on my face in my 30s? 

Dark spots do not care if you are a raging teenager or a grown adult. It is often difficult to get rid of and can be a result of lingering acne scars, sun damage, or hormonal changes. Here's how to get rid of dark spots on face in your 30s;

Use safe skin brightening creams: 

Dark spots won't magically lighten themselves. Rather, you need to use certain skincare treatments to lighten them if you want a uniform skin complexion. It is important to choose a safe skin-brightening product, or else you may end up worse. Reach out to a certified dermatologist for recommendations, or simply use products that contain skin-brightening ingredients.  Look out for chemicals like glycolic acid, lactic acid, niacinamide, kojic acid, and alpha arbutin. These products, when used in the right quantity, lighten dark spots and reduce hyperpigmentation. 

Opt for laser treatment: 

Laser treatment is an effective, yet expensive skin care routine for women. It is often performed by a professional and uses short beams of light to remove the dark pigments. The right laser treatment depends on your spot, skin tone, dermatologist, and lifestyle. 


Chemical exfoliants can help reduce dark spots. They contain exfoliating active ingredients, like AHA and BHA, that remove the top skin layer to reveal a fresh layer free of spots. For immediate results, reach out to a dermatologist for an extensive face peel or purchase products containing AHA and BHA at the drug store for gradual results. If you choose to use physical exfoliates, such as a honey-sugar scrub, take caution to prevent scarring or minor tears. These could worsen your dark spots and cause great pain. 

moisturizer for oily skin

What's a good skincare routine for people in their 30s that won't break the bank? 

Skincare should be affordable, and it should not make you skip meals. Numerous skincare brands offer great value while being affordable. A good skincare routine for people in their 30s that won't break the bank includes;

A face wash or cleanser: 

A skin cleanser is an important skin product that removes dust and dirt. A good cleanser for oily skin must contain anti-acne products and ceramides, while a good cleanser for dry skin must contain moisturizing agents like hyaluronic acid. 


Although they are unnecessary to some people, toners are wonderful and serve as a mini-skin cleanser that removes impurities that escape the face wash. It also balances the skin and prepares it for the arrival of other skin treatments. 

Serums and spot treatments: 

Serums are important products that feed the skin with the necessary nutrients in the right concentration. Toners are an important dermatologist-recommended skin care routine for the 30s and often come in small bottles. We recommend you apply your serums and spot treatments after toning and allow it to sit for some time before moisturizing.


It is yet another important step that keeps the serums locked and balances the face. 


Sunscreen helps protect your skin from sun damage and also serves as a barrier that allows your other skin treatments to function properly. The best face sunscreen must have at least 30 SPF and leave no white cast. 

What's the recommended dermatologist-backed skincare routine for those in their 30s? 

The 30s are a whirlwind of emotions, stress, and hormonal imbalance. It is the stage where your growth hormones rescind, cellular regeneration slows down, and sometimes cystic adult acne commences. The 30s demands you take your skincare routine seriously. For those looking to age gracefully, here are some of the best skin care routine for 30s;

Avoid experimenting: 

In your 30s, your skin already assumes you have established a skincare routine. Hence experimenting with different skin products can yield undesirable effects. Visit a dermatologist for recommendations and stick to them if they work effectively. 

Sunscreen is your friend: 

Every day, we are exposed to the sun and the various UV rays it brings along. These rays are harmful, penetrating deep into our dermal tissues and damaging our skin health. Sunscreens serve as a protectant by shielding your skin from these dangerous rays. Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and ensure you reapply every 2 hours. 

Invest in anti-aging antioxidant serums: 

Since the skin no longer produces collagen and other antioxidants properly, it's time to introduce these supplements into your skin routine. Serums are the best anti-aging treatments for 30s and are infused with various antioxidants.

Take more fruits and water: 

Take more fruits and water into your system to flush toxins away for optimal results. Fruits contain numerous nutrients that are beneficial to the skin, while water flushes toxins and allows for the movement of nutrients around the body. 

moisturizer for oily skin

Any suggestions for a moisturizer that won't cause acne?

People with oily skin often dread moisturizers because a false notion states that moisturizers worsen sebum production and promote acne. On the contrary, oily skin requires moisturizer to ensure a balance between oil production and normal skin moisture. When choosing a moisturizer, opt for an oil-free moisturizer that does not clog the pores. 

Ensure your desired moisturizer for oily skin is formulated with an acne-friendly ingredient like salicylic acid and a moisture-retaining component like hyaluronic acid. Both components hydrate the skin, reduce inflammation, and heal acne. The moisturizer should contain nutrients that strengthen your skin barrier and promote plumpness. The best moisturizer for acne-prone skin is Dermaclara's Clarasome Hyaluronic acid moisturizer. It is fortified with hyaluronic acid and designed to retain moisture without causing acne. 

What's the best way to balance my oily and dry areas for healthy skin?

If you can afford it, choose two different products to hydrate and nourish different areas of your face. The best moisturizer for combination skin should cater to the oily T-zones and dry areas. One moisturizer, which is a creamy formulation, works for dry areas. The other should be a mild, water-based product for oily areas. Also, exfoliate with a gentle, non-abrasive BH exfoliant and round up with a light face moisturizer. We recommend you first treat the dry areas with a heavy moisturizer or face oil.

moisturizer for oily skin

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