Silicone Fusion Technology Before and Afters

Silicone Fusion Technology Before and Afters

Dermaclara, purveyors of the groundbreaking Silicone Fusion™ Technology featured in medical grade, anti-aging patches, have had an overwhelmingly positive response to its simple, yet advanced, method of anti-aging. An independent clinical study shows the results of Silicone Fusion™ Technology achieved in just a short amount of time, making it an efficacious method of treating the key signs of aging on the face and body.

Here's what happened with Silicone Fusion™ Technology before and afters during an independent clinical study:

Women applied Dermaclara Silicone Fusion™ Technology to their foreheads, around their eyes and mouth, and on their chests. In as little as an hour, lines, discoloration, and dehydration measurably improved. 

Amazed at the seemingly instant results, here's what STUDY SUBJECTS said:

87% smoother skin
85% lines and wrinkles visibly improved
90% prefer to use over injections or surgery

 The medical grade silicone used in Dermaclara Silicone Fusion™ creates a microclimate where skin can heal itself--without the need for chemicals, injections, peels or surgery. And it does it in an amazingly short time. The Silicone Fusion™ Technology before and afters show the results after just an hour or two, but results are cumulative with time. To order, go to! 

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