Say Goodbye to the Furrowed Brow with These Tips

Say Goodbye to the Furrowed Brow with These Tips

The furrowed brow is sometimes considered a sign of wisdom, sometimes considered a sign of excessive worrying and mostly considered somewhat unattractive. Often confused with frown lines that appear between the eyebrows, brow furrows are actually those long, horizontal lines that run part or all the way across the forehead from side to side. Most people consider this type of brow crease inevitable. Or at the very least, untreatable. But actually, it's neither. We're here to take a good close look at the furrowed brow and provide some tips and treatments for dealing with it.

What Causes Brow Furrow? 

A brow furrow can result from any one of a number of causes, including: 

  • Age - Everyone’s least favorite topic is also a major cause of furrowed brows. Simply put, as we get older, our bodies produce less collagen and that leads to dry, shriveled skin
  • UV light - UV light from the sun penetrates the outer layer of skin and disrupts the integrity of the underlying layers. It also tends to stunt collagen production. 
  • Smoking - “Smoker’s face” is no myth. Any reasonably astute observer can tell the difference between someone who smokes and someone who doesn’t. It’s written all over their face in the form of saggy skin and lines
  • Dehydration - The average woman needs between 6 and 8 cups of water per day. Every day. Not drinking enough water will cause your skin to dry out and wrinkle. 
  • Facial expressions - It’s great that some folks have expressive faces, but every time they raise their eyebrows, they're contributing to brow furrows.

When do Brow Furrows Likely Appear? 

There is no set time when forehead wrinkles first appear. Some people never get them. While others start developing them in their teens. There are, however, things a person can do that will encourage their development and bring them on sooner than they otherwise would have appeared. If, for instance, you start smoking, don’t drink enough water, go out without sunblock on all the time and make a lot of surprised expressions, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have brow furrows staring back at you in the mirror at a young age.

When do Brow Furrows Likely Appear?

How to Get Rid of Brow Furrow Quickly? 

To get rid of brow furrow quickly, you’ll want to undergo one of the following clinical treatments.

Top 3 Clinical Treatments for Reducing Brow Furrow 

  1. Botox - Botox is botulinum toxin A in its purified form. This compound is injected into the skin under the wrinkle, fold or forehead crease and, over the course of about a week (more or less), relaxes the muscle tissues that cause furrowed brows and other wrinkles and lines. Botox and similar products, can be remarkably effective. Which is why it’s become the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. If there’s a downside, it’s that Botox and similar treatments can be expensive and the effects usually wear off after 4 to 6 months.
  2. Dermal Fillers - Dermal fillers fall into one of two general categories. Either they promote collagen and elastin production or they simply fill up the space into which they’re injected. Those fillers that promote collagen and elastin production use hyaluronic acid to do so. Having more collagen in the skin can definitely help smooth it out. But collagen production doesn’t happen overnight. So you’ll need to be patient with this type of treatment. The other type of filler simply entails injecting an inert substance into the brow furrow to fill it up.
  3. Forehead Lift - Like a standard face lift, the forehead lift entails pulling the excess skin back from the face (in this case, the forehead), snipping off the excess and suturing the two ends together. The lift is without a doubt an effective long term solution. However, it’s not without its downside. If done by a less talented plastic surgeon, the patient may wind up with an unnatural appearance. And, of course, with any type of lift surgery, there will be scars. In this case, the scars will run across the top of the forehead near the hairline. 

“If you don’t like your wrinkles and think Botox will fix it, then do it.” - Actress Linda Gray

5 Best Products to Help Get Rid of Brow Furrow 

There are a number of products on the market that will help prevent brow furrows from happening and help minimize the ones you already have. Here are the 5 best.

Clarasome Radiance Restoring Moisturizer - $49.99 

Clarasome Radiance Restoring Moisturizer

Clarasome moisturizer from Dermaclara Beauty has been clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and to promote the production of collagen while hydrating and restoring proper pH balance. Testing giant BioScreen determined that in more than 90% of cases, clarasome produced quantifiable improvements on all those fronts. 


  • Contains hyaluronic acid to penetrate skin and promote collagen growth.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates using aloe, glycerin and almond oil.
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, including forehead wrinkles


  • Only available from the Dermaclara website.


No 7 Instant Illusion Wrinkle Filler - $20 

No7 Instant Illusion Wrinkle Filler | Ulta Beauty

No 7 Instant Illusion Wrinkle Filler does not actually fill anything. As the name suggests, it creates the illusion that your forehead wrinkles have been filled. It does this by depositing light-reflecting materials (don’t worry, nothing dangerous) into your brow furrow. These then reflect available light, which minimizes the appearance of shadows in the furrows that make them seem so deep


  • Doesn’t produce any long term changes to your skin.
  • Completely safe for all types of skin


  • The fact that it doesn’t produce long term changes.

Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer - $45 

Algenist Deep Wrinkle Minimizer 15ml | Space NK

This doesn’t pretend to be a cure. But what it does, it does really well. It deposits aleuronic acid into the furrow and temporarily fills it (to some degree anyway) as well. This makes it more of a foundation than a moisturizer. But it’s a different kind of foundation. Because while it temporarily fills those creases and crevices, the aleuronic acid is busy fomenting collagen production. 


  • Can produce some beneficial short term results.
  • Promotes collagen growth, so there are long term benefits as well.


  • May be a bit much for sensitive skin.

Dr. Brandt Needles No More Expression Line Smoother - $89 

Dr. Brandt Needles No More Wrinkle Smoothing Cream | Ulta Beauty

Advertised as a kind of Botox in a bottle, Dr. Brandt Needles No More is not exactly that. It is, however, a fairly effective way to reduce the appearance of brow furrows. And you won’t have to wait a week for it to take hold like you will with Botox. Dr. Brandt Needles No More relaxes the underlying muscle tissue ala Botox, to reduce the appearance of furrows, lines and wrinkles


  • Gets to work in less than 30 minutes.
  • Reduces the appearance of lines and furrows. 


  • Works best on shallow, relatively new brow furrows.
  • Expensive.

brow furrow

Kate Somerville 2-in-1 Plumping Moisturizer and Serum - $95 

Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior 2 in 1 Plumping Moisturizer Serum 1.7 Oz  50ml for sale online | eBay

Some ladies are careful to always use serums and moisturizers in concert with one another. Others forget about the serum. Kate Somerville gives you a surefire way to ensure you get the benefits of both. There are 3 different sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules employed here. They penetrate to different layers to initiate collagen production. 


  • Gets to work reasonably fast.
  • Also provides amino acids that bolster collagen production. 


  • Gets to work quickly, but the effects are slow to materialize.

Where Can I Buy Products to Get Rid of Brow Furrow? 

Most of the products profiled above can be purchased through the major online beauty retailers like Sephora. Many are also available at fine department stores or at upscale brick and mortar beauty retailers. Some are also available at Amazon. Although you should be careful only to buy from the manufacturer’s official Amazon store. The only exception here is our top choice, clarasome by Dermaclara Beauty. That can only be purchased through the official Dermaclara web page, which you’ll find here.

Final Tips: How to Prevent Brow Furrow 

We’d be remiss if we didn’t provide a few tips on how to keep forehead lines at bay to begin with.

How to Prevent Brow Furrow? 

To prevent brow furrow you will need to be diligent about all aspects of your skincare routine. Make sure you take the following tips to heart. 

  • Get enough sleep - Your skin needs time to recover just like your mind and the rest of your body. Being constantly fatigued is going to wear on your skin and lead to the development of all kinds of facial lines
  • Wear sunscreen whenever you go outdoors - You should apply sunscreen to every part of your body that is exposed to the sun. This is particularly important for your face. Failing to do so allows UV rays to penetrate and undermine the integrity of the skin
  • Drink plenty of water - Your body is 70% water and your skin is the largest organ in the body. If you don’t drink enough water, the thing that will suffer most visibly is your skin. 6 to 8 cups of water every day for healthy, vibrant skin
  • Eat healthy foods - Antioxidant-rich foods like lean meat and green leafy vegetables help combat the scourge of free radicals that contribute to the brow furrow.

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