Quick Summer Workouts

Jul 07, 2017

quick summer workouts

Though most people work out throughout the year to get ready for their bikini bodies, working out during the summer is important to maintain a healthy weight and heart (not to mention the rest of your body). In the winter, the weather can hinder working out (and the desire to work out instead of cozying up in front of the TV on long, cold nights), but the weather can also be a hindrance in the summer. Excessive temps are often uncomfortable to exercise in, but longer days give exercisers options when it comes to summer workouts.

Try these quick workouts to keep you (and your summer social schedule) in shape.

1. Outdoor Yoga. As long as you have a mat (sometimes you don't even need one, depending on your access to grass or a flat, comfortable surface) you can downward dog almost anywhere. Get in a few tree, chair, or other favorite yoga poses whenever the mood strikes you, or join one of the many yoga groups on Meetup.com. Great outdoor yoga spots include the beach or park.

2. Beach Running. The beach offers a lot to runners: fresh, salty air, soft sand, and an inspiring view. Go for a quick morning jog on the beach (with shoes or barefoot) and feel your workout sustain you throughout the day.

3. Brisk Walking. The great thing about walking? You can do it anywhere! Go for a stroll through your local park, or try a brisker pace through through downtown. Not only will you get exercise and enjoy the weather, a walk can also serve as transportation to happy hour or dinner with friends. Cheers to that.

4. Bicycling. You don't even need to own a bike these days. With the plethora of rent-a-bikes in most major cities, all you need is a swipe of a credit card and you're off. Not only is it a great way to explore a new town, it's a great way to explore your own as part of a staycation. 

What other ideas do you have for quick summer workouts? Let us know in the comments!



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