Postpartum Tips for New Moms

May 31, 2017

postpartum tips for new moms

Being a new mom is like being dropped in a new country ruled by a tiny dictator - your baby! Though it's exhilarating, exciting, and exhausting all at once, new moms need to take care of themselves (as much as possible, anyway) in order to take care of their new, squirming bundle of pooping joy.

Here are our postpartum tips to help keep your energy up and your sanity intact!

1. Get Help - This is a biggie. You may think that a little seven-pound baby should be easy enough, but no. They needs round-the-clock eating, sleeping, changing. You will be changing more diapers that you ever thought you would, and you will be making more bottles (or attaching baby to breast) almost constantly. This means it's even more important to recruit help from your spouse, family (even your mother-in-law!). Have them make meals, clean the house, feed the baby, etc. so you can take much-needed breaks to take showers, make a quick Target run, or even just a short, solo walk around your neighborhood. 

2. Move - Though you're still recovering, it's important to move and stretch your body. You'll find that taking care of a baby is physically intense, with a lot of leaning and hunching over while feeding, carrying, picking up baby. Counteract this with some light walking and daily stretching. The last thing you want is to look like a hunchback after having a baby!

3. Eat - And eat well. After getting your spouse, friends, and family to agree to cook for you, make sure they cook healthy, hearty meals. Good nutrition will give you the vital energy you need to take care of baby. Lean meats, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables will keep you going when all you want to do is sleep for a week straight. And don't forget to drink water! Whether or not you're breastfeeding, good nutrition is vital fo both you AND your baby!

 4. Breathe - Remember that this is such a short phase in you (and your baby's) lives. You will cry from lack of sleep. You will look like you've been hit by a mack truck. A shower may go from being daily to being weekly (temporarily). They are so sweet and precious, so enjoy that now, and remember it when they're surly teens.

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