Are you Loving your Dermaclara Results, so much so that you want to scream from the rooftops and let everyone know just how well it works! Well we listened, we’re always looking to partner with people, fans, friends, bloggers, networks, and our customers that share our passion for easy, non-invasive, pregnancy safe skin care solutions. Introducing the Dermaclara Beauty Ambassador Program, it's time to give back, make money selling your favorite Dermaclara Products to your friends, family and community! It's free to join and you’ll be compensated for any sales you bring in.  


  1. Visit and join for free. 
  2. Email to get a customized coupon code for you to give out to your network.
  3. Ensure your referrals to Dermaclara use your Partner coupon code and/or referral URL when they enroll at Dermaclara.
  4. Referral code gives shoppers 15% off the purchase price at Dermaclara.
  5. Ambassadors receive 10% commission for every sale, includes monthly subscriptions too.
  6. Dermaclara will then issue payment to you for each referral directly into your PayPal account.


Now that you're part of the Dermaclara Beauty Partners Program, it's time to learn how to make money!  You get the chance to help Women get a 15% off discount on Dermaclara Beauty Products. For your effort of recommending Dermaclara Beauty, you will be compensated 10% of the discounted purchase price.  You help Women get the industry leading pregnancy safe Skincare products to help prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and scars, this helps grow the Dermaclara Beauty movement, and in turn you get rewarded for your efforts.


Speak with friends and family, tell them about Dermaclara Beauty, give them your Partner coupon code.  These are the main bullet points of Dermaclara Beauty to tell your contacts about.

  1. Dermaclara Beauty is the industry leader in Pregnancy Safe Skin Care products and Devices, clinically proven to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, smokers lines, stretch marks (gained from: Pregnancy, weight gain/loss, and hormones) and scars within 1 hour, using our patented Silicone Fusion™ technology. 
  2. Dermaclara Beauty is a movement towards non invasive, pregnancy safe, clean, effective and easy skin care solutions. 
  3. Dermaclara’s Mission is to empower women to feel more confident in their own skin. By utilizing the right tools for the right job, By feeling good and looking good you project confidence. 
  4. We are the only company to fully develop and Identify a pregnancy safe stretch mark solution using our patented and clinically proven Silicone Fusion™ technology. Dermaclara's all inclusive, non invasive, clean and safe Stretch Mark Kit, is the #1 way to prevent and/or treat Stretch Marks due to pregnancy, weight gain/loss and hormones.
  5. Dermaclara's Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Stretch Mark Patches are the biggest in the market at 7” by 7” and made of 100% medical grade silicone that naturally regulates collagen production.  
  6. Messy Stretch Mark creams are a thing of the past, no more dealing with harsh chemicals, strange ingredients or allergic reactions. Save money and time by getting it right the first time.

Start Posting on social media, FB groups, & online forums:

Social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, reddit, Quora, Pinterest, Twitter, etc). Online Womens health news outlets, publications, Mommy Blogs, expecting/New mom communities, Anti-aging and Stretch mark prevention and reduction forums and Facebook.

  1. Join online Beauty and Skincare forums and look for opportunities to recommend Dermaclara Beauty.
  2. Be sure to give them your Partner coupon code.
  3. Use Facebook Instant Messenger to write messages to friends and family.
  4. Post Facebook status updates and posts on your personal Facebook page.
  5. Post Instagram Stories and videos on your personal IG account 
  6. Ask users to message you for details on Dermaclara Beauty.
  7. Be sure to highlight your Partner coupon code. 

    Start your first email marketing and/or SMS campaign.

    1. Leverage the power of email outreach and write emails to your contacts.
    2. Let your contact in on the "Movement" that is Dermaclara Beauty.
    3. Outline what makes Dermaclara Beauty the perfect solution to them (use bullet points above).
    4. Be sure to give them your Partner coupon code.

    Do you have any questions about the Dermaclara Beauty Ambassador Program? Would you like more strategies to help get sales? If so, email and make sure to join the Dermaclara Beauties facebook group here:

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