Understanding IPL: Benefits and Uses in Modern Skincare

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The quest to achieve baby-like smoothness has led to the development of high-tech technologies that guarantee long-lasting smoothness.

IPL is a popular laser therapy that uses light to weaken the hair follicles and stunt growth for multiple months. Here's all you need to know about the benefits and users of IPL. But first, what is the IPL?

What is IPL laser treatment?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used by both medical and cosmetics professionals for therapeutic and aesthetic treatment. Many cosmetics practitioners use IPL to remove hair, sun damage, and other skin conditions. This technology targets light pulses on the hair root to stunt their growth. The target hair root falls out easily, which makes it perfect for permanent hair removal underarms, in your bikini area, and on your face. IPL laser treatment is perfect for people who are prone to ingrown hairs and guarantees baby-like smoothness for months.

How does the IPL laser work?

IPL treatment involves a high-powered flash gun that emits intense, visible light with a wavelength range of 400 to 1200 nm. This hand-held gun is controlled by a smart computer that emits an IPL laser. A cutoff filter is used to select the wavelength of the laser to target specific structures on the skin.

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IPL laser benefits

IPl laser benefits anyone interested in achieving long lasting smoothness without shaving or waxing. Although there is still ongoing research about the effects of intense pulsed light therapy on skin conditions like acne, the results have been promising.

IPL is a great solution for people with rosacea and produces a much more positive effect when compared to laser therapy. Depending on your prognosis, people with moderate to severe symptoms enjoy better results with IPL therapy. IPL also works in treating redness, particularly those caused by broken blood vessels. You get to experience positive changes after multiple sessions of IPL skin treatment.

A great way to reverse sun damage is by undergoing multiple sessions of IPL. Many reports show that people may experience a 50–70% reduction in photodamage. In addition to being an excellent hair removal solution, IPL works great for scars, birthmarks, and hyperpigmentation.

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IPL vs laser

IPL and laser are two light hair removal technologies loved by many. Yet, these two laser therapies are different, and here's why.

The major difference to make note of in this unending debate between IPL vs laser lies in the type of light being used. IPL lasers use broadband light, whereas lasers employ monochromatic light. Although both light sources target the hair root to weaken and stop growth over time, IPL performs poorly on darker skin.

Laser treatment is a more direct and selective treatment that directs intense light sources onto the hair follicle. This is beneficial to people with dark skin tones and hair colors, whereas IPL skin treatment performs poorly on blonde hair.

IPL vs BBL laser

Another popular debate is the difference between IPL vs BBL laser. BBL laser is an acronym for Broadband Light Therapy and employs a more advanced mechanism than IPL. BBL lasers use intense pulsed light technology and are often described as “the next-generation IPL facial." Unlike IPL, BBL uses a high-tech cooling system, which makes it a comfortable laser therapy with almost no pain or side effects. BBL lasers can trigger collagen production to keep the skin supple. The laser targets the cells deep in the skin and has become a preferred treatment solution for acne and aging skin.

How long will IPL results last?

If you've recently gotten an IPL laser for rosacea or an IPL laser for dark spots, it's quite normal to ask about how long the results last. The results of an IPL treatment can last for 6 to 12 months, as long as you follow up with your maintenance sessions. To enhance these posture results, adhere to all the aftercare treatment plans provided by your aesthetician. Take good care of your skin and use sunscreen to prevent further UV damage. You can also include additional skin treatments, like dermabrasion, for faster results.

How often should IPL be done?

The number of sessions depends on different factors. People with mild to moderate symptoms may require fewer sessions when compared to people with multiple, severe symptoms. For age spots, melasma, and other related skin conditions, you may need at least six sessions to notice a considerable difference. Redness and mild cases of hyperpigmentation need fewer sessions.

Keep in mind that no treatment or therapy is the same, and your required number of sessions depends on your aesthetician. Meanwhile, we recommend you schedule a four-week interval therapy to tackle your skin's regeneration and produce the best results.

How much does IPL laser cost

The average IPL laser costs around $400 to $700 per session. This cost excludes the recommended monthly or annual touchups. The total price of an IPL face treatment depends on the region to be treated, and if you choose an extensive part of the body, the cost depends on the size of the treatment area. If you choose to combine other non-invasive or invasive therapies like a chemical peel, the total treatment cost can be a bit more expensive than the average cost.

Is it safe to do IPL laser at home

There are different IPL device sets for those looking for a more comfortable and accessible solution. These devices can cost between $180 and $1000 and are marketed to provide immediate therapy care in the comfort of your home. Since IPL laser cost cannot be converted by insurance as it is flagged as a cosmetic treatment, a “handy IPL laser at home” device can help you save more money in the long run.

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Side Effects of IPL Treatment

It's common to see different IPL before and after pictures, but aestheticians rarely highlight the possible side effects of this treatment. While there are minimal side effects of IPL, certain properties have experienced severe pain. Others have reported edema, scarring, and infection. A major cause of these side effects can be traced to the professionals in charge of your therapy session. The treatment options for these side effects include stopping the therapy session and the use of topical eflornithine, an enzyme that slows down hair growth, before further treatments.

Where to find IPL laser near me?

Interested in a trusted IPL laser aesthetician, Simply search “IPL laser near me” and do extensive research among the top listed service providers. You can check Yelp or Google review comments to find the right service provider for you.

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