How To Reduce Appearance Of Stomach Stretch Marks

how to reduce appearance of stomach stretch marks

For many people, stretch marks are an unavoidable part of life. They can appear any time the skin is stretched and tugged, especially during pregnancy or after weight gain. Although they're not usually welcome sights on the body, they're not necessarily permanent, either. There are some steps you can take to reduce the appearance of stomach stretch marks.

If you're battling stomach stretch marks, consider these thoughts:

Embrace Hydration

It's important to keep your skin hydrated so it stays moist and supple. Besides using high-quality lotions and moisturizers, you'll also want to be sure to wash your skin with hydrating cream cleansers to ensure you don't incur unwanted drying effects that can happen from regular soap. Claraprep is made from natural cleansing agents such as nutmeg, palm, and coconut, which are gentle on the skin, yet effective for removing dirt and oil. The glycerin and eucalyptus ingredients boost skin hydration, facilitating smooth, healthy skin.

Call on the Power of Peptide-Infused Serum

In recent years, serums have become a global phenomenon in the skincare industry. While many people think of facial skin when it comes to serums, it's important not to count these powerful little elixirs out for other delicate parts of the body, as well. Claraline, for example, is a peptide-infused serum that's rich in nutrients that are known to help repair damaged skin.

As you're shopping for serums that can help reduce the appearance of stomach stretch marks, be sure to look for a product that's formulated with vitamins A, C, E, and K. Each of these vitamins has properties that provide healing elements to the skin. Hyaluronic acid is another key ingredient. Although the word "acid" can sound scary, this ingredient is actually a gentle moisture-binding ingredient that occurs naturally in the human body. When you're trying to repair skin cells that incurred damaged while being stretched out, hyaluronic acid helps to enhance the skin's moisture, plumping and firming it. Great serums will also have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements, both of which will provide healing properties to your delicate skin.

Add a Silicone Fusion Treatment to Your Regular Skincare Regimen

Dermaclara's clarafuse Silicone Fusion Treatment uses Silicone Fusion Technology, which encourages increased hydration and molecular flow throughout the skin's layers. The medical grade silicone gently smoothes and tightens skin while the micro-environment supplies the perfect amount of moisture and hydration to help keep skin healthy. Silicone gel pads can be worn anywhere from one to nine hours, and because they're comfortable and discreet, you can wear them while you sleep or throughout the day while you work.

Dermaclara offers a full line of skincare products that can help reduce the appearance of stomach stretch marks. From medical grade silicone pads to peptide-infused serums, our products help rejuvenate and hydrate skin. With a little care and attention -- and with the right products -- you'll be able to feel more comfortable in your own skin again. Check out our Dermaclara line today!

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