First Signs of Stretch Marks And How To Prevent Them

how to prevent stretch marks

How to prevent stretch marks is a common question many have. Because stretch marks are so common among both men and women, preventing, or getting rid of them, is of concern to many.

Life events or milestones like pregnancy or puberty can cause stretch marks. For pregnant women, areas like the abdomen and hips can be affected. For those going through puberty growth spurts, stretch marks can show up on the thighs, arms, lower back, and even the buttocks. And things like weight gain (or even weight loss) can cause stretch marks to appear on skin.

There are many purported ways to prevent stretch marks: drinking more water, so your skin is more elastic, drinking green tea or coconut water, rubbing stretch mark prevention creams or oils into your skin if you know it's going to be expanding, even taking supplements like Vitamin C or collagen. Do any of these methods really work? It's hard to say. Two pregnant women can do the exact same thing -- apply stretch mark cream twice a day while pregnant -- and one will get stretch marks and the other won't. The truth is: stretch marks are a matter of genetics, not of lifestyle habits. Of course, if you are chronically dehydrated or nutritionally deficient, it's possible that any stretch marks you develop could be worse than if you were hydrated or nutritionally sound, but most doctors agree that if you are genetically pre-destined to get stretch marks -- check out your parents -- then you will get them, no matter what.

The good news is that once you have stretch marks, you can treat them quickly and painlessly with Dermaclara Silicone Fusion™ Treatments. These treatments are applied to the skin, and quickly work to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, making them fade and blend more seamlessly with the surrounding skin. Within 30-60 days, users report measurable improvement and satisfaction with the treatment.

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