How to Get the Fastest Results

We all want everything at the push of a button, and why not? We deserve it. We work hard, play hard, and deserve what we want when we ask for it!

So with that in mind, when you are facing stretch marks, you deserve a solution that delivers results and promises a fast turnaround. And when I say “fast turnaround,” I mean trusted results you’ve EARNED for being a unique and inspiring woman. Our founder, Ashley King, created Dermaclara to honor those women!

With Ashley’s suggested routine, you are guaranteed fast and visible results. So, follow along below to start your journey toward beautiful, bouncy, and glowing skin.

Ashley King’s Secret to Getting the Fastest Results

  1. Begin each treatment by cleaning the area using a soft and gentle cream-to-foam cleanser similar to our Claraprep.
  2. After removing any oils and dry skin, allow your belly time to thoroughly dry before applying our patches.
  3. This is the step that significantly increases the impact of Dermaclara! Ashley recommends sleeping in your patches. Wear them each night as you snooze.
  4. Apply one to each side of your belly and an extra one right in the center of your belly. And, to keep everything in place as you sleep, wear a tight-fitted shirt. 

In the morning, gently remove the patches, clean them with Patch Prep, and let them air dry before reapplying to the backing card. Finish with a hyaluronic moisturizer, similar to Clarasome, to keep the top layer of your skin hydrated.

There you go! The secret to fast results for erasing stretch marks.

Why Does This Work?

This overnight routine amplifies the effect of Dermaclara!

The magic of Dermaclara is in the “microclimate.” Our non-invasive, chemical-free silicone patches create a microclimate between your skin and the patch. It locks in natural moisture and increases collagen production. As your skin retains moisture, it better protects the layers of your skin from harsh elements, so the good things are locked in, and the bad things are kept out. Collagen and elastin make up the structural part of your skin, so the boost in collagen is also significant for skin elasticity and buoyancy.

Because Dermaclara patches are non-invasive, they are also the best skin-care option for healing stretch marks during pregnancy or post-pregnancy when breastfeeding. Our patches keep your skin healthy and toxin-free, as they do the work to erase your stretch marks and give you the results you deserve.

Customers who have followed Ashley’s recommended treatment routine have been able to remove stretch marks, old and new, in as little as 30 days. On top of that, they have even tightened any loose skin developed during pregnancy. 

Ashley’s routine is your gateway to clean, clear, and taut skin!

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