How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on the Face

how to get rid of wrinkles on face

Do you remember the first time you looked in the mirror and saw an unsightly wrinkle winking back at you? Many of us do remember the first time unsightly lines found their ways into our lives; unfortunately, the trend doesn't usually end with the spotting of a single wrinkle. As we age, wrinkles simply become a part of the natural process. Our bodies' abilities to produce enough collagen to keep up the taut skin we once had in our younger years begins to slow, and we're left with marks that clearly differentiate the many decades we've been on this earth.

Fortunately, as permanent as they may seem, wrinkles don't necessarily have to be here to stay. With a little tender loving care to this protective layer that keeps you beautiful, you can see a reduction in wrinkles soon enough.

Here are a few remedies to help make your wrinkles take up residence elsewhere:

Make Lifestyle Changes

Sunscreen. Prolonged exposure to the sun can wreak havoc on your face and set you on a road to wrinkles, particularly if your skin isn't protected with sunscreen. Make a habit of applying sunscreen to your face every day, and look for lotions and makeup that contain UV-blocking elements. The more protected your skin is, the more able you are to combat the signs of aging as you deter further wrinkles from settling in.

Smoking Cessation. If you smoke, stop now! You already know about the internal damage smoking causes such as weakening your heart and harming your lungs. On a more cosmetic front, smoking is responsible for damaging your skin's barrier layer of protection, and smokers often have deepened wrinkles around their mouths and under their eyes.

Natural Remedies

Certain elements found in nature can help your skin rejuvenate and hydrate, thus reducing facial wrinkles. Grape seed extract, for example, contains natural antioxidants that can help your skin restore its elasticity.

Cooled green or white tea bags serve as excellent home remedies for superficial wrinkle reduction. Each of these teas contains caffeine and antioxidants, both of which stimulate the body like vasoconstrictors. In turn, your skin will experience a plumping effect that fills in superficial lines.

how to get rid of facial wrinkles

Creams and Treatments

Dehydration is one of the foremost causes of wrinkles. Although expensive prescription creams and outpatient treatments work well for some, many people would prefer less invasive and more inexpensive options.

The key to facial wrinkle reduction lies in a great cleansing and hydrating regimen. Discard any daily cleansers that are too foamy when you use them, as these products will often dry your skin and leave your face thirsty for moisture. Instead, look for products that boost collagen production, which helps your skin maintain elasticity (thus, keeping it firm and protected from wrinkles.)

Utilize age-defying serums such as claraline to effectively make skin smooth and supple while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. This peptide-intensifying serum was created to improve hyperpigmentation while simultaneously stimulating collagen. Although serums seem to be low on the list of things people things of when they're looking for age-defying options, they're actually one of the most effective non-invasive options on the market.

Physical Remedies

Massage can do wonders to the body. For starters, massage alleviates stress, which is a major contributing factor to wrinkles. Beyond this, facial massage in itself can rejuvenate the skin by enhancing blood flow, thereby plumping the skin as new energy is welcomed into the facial region. Massage facilitates circulation, bringing fresh blood to the surface where pressure is applied, thus filling in the crevices caused by wrinkles.

Along the same lines, exercise is an excellent way to whisk wrinkles away. By upping your heart rate, you're enhancing blood flow throughout your body, which will ultimately help your facial skin combat incoming wrinkles.

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