How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Around the Mouth

how to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth

When it comes to signs that tell the tales of aging, people often think about crow's feet and furrowed brow lines. Often, those precious puckers are ignored until the wrinkles begin to tell their stories of decades-gone-by. As you age, wrinkles are bound to be found in the mirror, but wrinkles around the mouth are often more troublesome than most, as they can be much harder to disguise than their other facial counterparts.

If you're trying to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth, consider this quick guide to get you on your way to beautiful lips that aren't surrounded by deep lines.

how to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth

Preventative Measures

There are certain elemental effects, which have been shown to increase the signs of aging. When it comes to the delicate skin around your lips, these harmful effects can present themselves three-fold, causing wrinkles upon wrinkles to appear on your lovely face.

Stop Smoking. Cigarette smoke can cause plenty of damage to your vital internal organs. Superficially, your facial skin suffers, too. The smoke from cigarettes can cause ever-lasting wrinkles to develop on your skin, particularly around your mouth and under your eyes, as the skin is far more delicate in these regions, and the chemicals in the smoke can deteriorate collagen levels.

Screen the Sun. Sunscreen is a person's best age-fighting defense mechanism. Ultra-violet rays can be incredibly damaging to your skin. Unfortunately, people often forget about the delicate skin around their mouths as they lather their arms and backs with UV-blocking protection.

Hydrate. You'll seldom meet a wrinkle that wasn't born out of the need for more moisture. If you truly want to deliver great lip service to your precious pucker, make sure your lips are constantly encompassed with moisture and special emollients that will condition your skin and keep the ultra-sensitive facial layers around your lips hydrated.

Recipes for Wrinkle-Resistance Skin

The food you put into your body has a lot to do with the wrinkles you do or don't form on your beautiful face. It's no secret that fruits and vegetables are part of the recommended daily food pyramid for good reasons, but you may not realize how essential garden ingredients can help you get rid of wrinkles around the mouth.

Foods rich in antioxidants aid with the preventative process because they help keep the collagen and elastin taut and firm. There are plenty of ordinary foods that boast of high antioxidant properties. Add a handful of some of these items to your daily diet to cover snack time cravings, and you'll enhance your body's ability to fight the aging process:


Russet Potatoes


Of course, this is far from an exhaustive list; superfoods, sweet fruits, and other everyday foods also pack powerful punches of important vitamins and minerals.

Restorative & Repairing Solutions

Facial cleansers and moisturizers that contain certain natural elements will help your skin combat the signs of aging. Look for products that embody natural antioxidants and skin-soothing conditioners to aid your beauty journey.

Grape Seed extract has been known to have restorative properties that can help elasticity bounce back, which should ultimately lessen the wrinkly appearance of aging skin.

Collagen-infused serums take yesterday's grocery store lip balms out of commission, replacing them with ultra-hydrating collagen and peptide solutions. Add to this mix Hyaluronic Acid, which increases the vibrancy of lips with exfoliation properties that leave them voluminous and beautiful, and you have a healthy solution that will happily perform proper lip service for many years to come. Claralips is one product to consider as you re-hash your beauty regimen and refine the products that that find themselves worthy of your daily routine.

Topical creams containing retinol and alpha hydroxy can bring a boost of youthful exuberance to the area around the mouth, particularly if you've developed marionette lines. These products work by thickening the underlying layers of the facial skin while thinning out the topmost layers, relaxing the lines and creating an overall smoothing effect that helps iron out the wrinkles. Not only that, but they will also help maintain the skin's barrier.

Wrinkles around the mouth will likely form over time. That said, the more attention you pay to your precious lips, the more bountiful your beautiful mouth will be. Hydration is the key to keeping wrinkles at bay, and when it comes to your kisser, you'll want to have an exfoliating product that provides collagen and peptides in your beauty arsenal.

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