How To Get Rid of Frown Lines

how to get rid of frown lines

Do you know how many times you squint and frown in a day? Probably not, and the truth is, it's probably far more frequently than you would care to acknowledge anyway. As humans, we deal with a ton of stress. When things irritate or confuse us, we naturally furrow our brows as we attempt to understand what's going on around us. This is usually a pretty involuntary reaction, but the wrinkles that result from these actions are equally as unscheduled.

If you're stressed about your frown lines, consider integrating these options into your life:

1. Use Silicone Fusion™ Technology

Silicone has long been used in cosmetic settings. Perhaps, they're most renowned for their breakthrough in breast augmentation, but in today's world, this medical grade element is far more useful.

Frown lines often occur when a person's collagen production has slowed to the point that the skin can no longer bounce back from the furrowed face that caused the creases. When collagen production slows, the skin is often in need of moisture and stimulation, as well. Silicone sheets and pads create a micro-climate where hydration and moisture come together in perfect harmony.

When you apply a product such as Silicone Fusion™ to your fragile facial skin, your sleeping hours will be spent with an ultra-hydrating element that provides a protective barrier, allowing your skin to heal from the stresses of the day while you relax your mind and body. The outcome will be a rejuvenated you, complete with a clear, focused mind and knockout skin that's ready to bury the idea of frown lines forever.

2. Moisturize - Clarasome

Wrinkles naturally appear as you age, but there are certain things you may be doing (or not doing) that enhance their appearance. Foundation-ally, your skin requires moisture if you want it to stay vibrant and fresh. When you're in your twenties and younger, your body will often take care of the hydration necessities for you; however, as you age, your body needs a little assistance from outside sources if you want to keep up with your youthful glow.

It's important to have great moisturizers on hand at all times. Don't be fooled into thinking you just need a single face lotion to get you through the day. After you wash your face in the morning, you certainly need a moisturizer that can go the extra mile and boost your skin barrier while your delicate face battles the elements. In the evening, be sure to reinforce your facial tissue with a hydrating gel such as clarasome, which will help support natural collagen production while you sleep.

3. Embrace Alternative Relaxation Methods

If you've never tried acupuncture, this may be the perfect time to pair your great skincare regimen with some old timey methods that have been used for centuries. Acupuncture uses a series of incredibly small needles, which essentially prod your skin and body and ask it to step up. In terms of skincare, acupuncture causes minor irritation to the skin and tissues, which then asks the blood and cells below to come to the forefront. While there are many underlying psychological and physiological benefits one could argue are attributable to acupuncture, one thing is certain -- the body reacts to the pricks and pokes each needle imparts on its presence. In return, collagen production is enhanced and naturally glowing skin is restored.

Have you acquired frown lines that just don't seem to want to go away? Stop stressing over your signs of aging, and take steps to remedy the problem! Learn more about Dermaclara, and all of the great products our company has to offer, by visiting our blog.

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