How Loose Skin Develops Over Pregnancy

Having a baby changes so much about your life and your body. With 8 out of 10 women developing stretch marks and loose skin during pregnancy, the term “mom bod” has become a household phrase. But why does loose skin develop throughout pregnancy, and how can it be prevented or reversed?

How Loose Skin Develops Over Pregnancy

During pregnancy, an increase in estrogen, relaxin, and adrenocortical hormones cause skin fibers to weaken and relax, affecting the skin's elasticity and making it prone to stretch marks. These weakened fibers mean that the skin has difficulty snapping back to its original firmness once the enlarged pregnant stomach has stretched it out.

Stretch marks occur when this once firm skin is stretched too quickly and without enough collagen and/or elastin to address the change. The skin, therefore, tries to compensate for the rupture with its natural healing process: scarring. 

How to Repair Stretched Skin

Luckily, loose skin can be re-tightened after pregnancy. When your doctor has approved you for exercise again post pregnancy, a combination of cardio and strength training exercises will work well to tighten the skin again. In addition to exercise and a healthy and hydrating diet, you can also use dermatologist-recommended skin tightening technology to speed up the process.

Many women, like Samatha, have postpartum stretch marks and loose skin after their first child. Samantha used Dermaclara’s Stretch Mark Free Kit

for 90 days and saw a visible change in stretch mark reduction and skin tightness. The 90-Day Stretch Mark Free Journey with Dermaclara is a non-invasive, safe skincare regimen made with mamas in mind that penetrates deeper than oils and creams. The chemical-free silicone fusion patches create a microclimate between the silicone and the skin to stimulate collagen production, reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

While she slept, Samatha wore her Dermaclara patches, applying one below the belly button and two on either side. To keep the patches in place, she wore a tight cami shirt to restrict their movement/shifting in the night, and after each use, she would clean her patches and moisturize the areas. And 90 days later, she was seeing incredible, undeniable results! 

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