How To Prevent and Get Rid of Turkey Neck

how do i tighten turkey neck skin

Thanksgiving may be over, but that doesn't mean the turkey's gone. Turkey neck is a very real thing for people as they age; unfortunately, this sagging, crepey skin can't be scraped away with last night's leftovers... or can it?

What is Turkey Neck?

Turkey neck is a phrase affectionately (or unaffectionately) given to the crinkly, rough, and droopy skin that hangs from a person's neck as they age. Similar to facial wrinkles, turkey neck occurs when a person's super fragile neck skin has been exposed to elemental pollution and dietary toxins. All else equal, turkey neck is often unavoidable when the pages of age start turning.

Unlike facial wrinkles, which typically begin on the surface, turkey neck is the result of loose musculature that lies under the surface layer of skin. As elasticity begins to give way to gravity, loose, dangling skin can be left over, leaving folds and wrinkly skin reminiscent of a turkey's wattle.

What Causes Turkey Neck?

Age is a major contributing factor for turkey neck, but that's a bit of a vague statement. As we age, a number of changes occur to our skin and muscles, which ultimately can lead to loosened skin and weakened muscles.

Here's a more detailed description:

Skin Elasticity. In our younger years, our skin is able to rejuvenate and revive itself regularly. With age, this process becomes less available to our bodies. Collagen is the product our bodies produce that's responsible for elasticity. Over time, the production of collagen slows and breaks down, meaning elasticity and firmness are harder to come by.


Muscle Tightness. When you hit the gym, you probably focus on your abs, arms, and hard-to-reach places. How often do you focus on your neck muscles? As it turns out, weakened neck muscles are major contributors to turkey neck. Strong neck muscles are needed to support the attached skin.

Fat Distribution. Some people are naturally inclined to carry more fat in the area under their chins. Excess fat can cause the skin to become stretched and fatigued, leading to wrinkles and folds that cause turkey neck.

Weight loss and elemental damage often have their parts in this undesirable body image. Particularly for women, rapid weight gain and loss can lead to skin and muscles that are no longer able to maintain the youthful appearance they once held. This weight gain and loss is usually most apparent with pregnancy.

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Exercises to Reduce Turkey Necks

Strong muscles are essential as we grow and age. Most people don't think of neck muscles as being an important part of the fitness regimen, but if you want to battle sagging skin under the chin, there are certain exercises that can strengthen that ever-important part of the body. details several chin and neck exercises that can help keep the area around your face firm, strong, and youthful.

When used in conjunction, each of these exercises can help enhance your body's ability to fight turkey neck. Consider adding the following exercise to your daily regimen:

Raise & Turn. Lay comfortably on your back on a flat surface. Lift your head and neck slightly away from the floor, turn slowly to the right, and hold for a second. Return the center, and hold for a second. Turn left, and hold for a second. Return to the center and lower your head to the ground. Rest here for a moment, then repeat nine more times.

Serums and Skin Products that Can Reduce Turkey Neck

The skin on your neck is just as fragile and delicate as that which is on your face and chest. As such, you'll want to take the same care with the skin on your neck as you would with your beautiful face. Use cleansers that are thorough, yet gentle. Add serums to your nightly skincare regimen, as they assist with collagen production, which helps your boost your body's collagen production. Be sure to moisturize, too. Use an extra dollop of face lotion on your neck before you start your day and before you lay down at night to seal in moisture.

To battle existing turkey neck symptoms, consider using Silicone Fusion™ Technology to hydrate your skin and compress the dermis so it's taut and rejuvenated after a few hours' wear.

Turkey neck, just like facial wrinkles and chest crinkles, is an unpleasant sign of aging. However, with great beauty products that are made to withstand the tests of time, you can rejuvenate your neck and rewind the signs of time.

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