Maximize Your Skincare Routine with Gua Sha Stone

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If you're a fan of skincare and you follow skincare trends online, it's likely you've encountered a portable tool many skinfluencers promote. Their social media feed is filled with different techniques that shows how effective these little flat pebbles are. For those unaware, the product being promoted is called a guasha. 

Pronounced as "gwah-sha,” this skincare tool originates from a Chinese self-massage practice. Whether you've heard of a gua sha or not, this article explains all you need to know about this colorful tool. So, what is gua sha, and does gua sha work?

What is Gua Sha? 

Gua sha is a combination of 'gua', which means 'scrape or sweep’ and ‘sha’, which means ‘bumps or sand’. The literal translation of gua sha means to sweep bumps and make them even. Facial gua sha is popular and can be used all over the body. It is portable, as it fits the palm and can be maneuvered all over the face. 

With facial gua sha, you can apply your desired amount of pressure to your skin to relieve stiff muscles, sculpt and tone muscles, and also relax your skin. The use of gua sha goes way back, as it was used as the preferred Chinese healing technique to improve overall circulation and drain the lymphatic system

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Gua sha benefits 

There are many benefits a gua sha facial massage offers, and some of these benefits include:

Promotes better skin health: The lymphatic and circulatory systems control toxins removal and nutrient circulation, which inadvertently affect your skin health. A toxin-filled lymphatic system can cause numerous skin problems in the body. Thus, a proper gua sha routine can help drain the lymphatic system of toxins and water buildup and also promote the circulation of nutrients in the body. Overall, this translates into better-looking skin and less puffing and swelling. 

Reduced inflammation: If you suffer from inflammation, massaging your face with the gua sha stone can yield positive results. According to research, the sweeping motion of gua sha benefits your skin as it produces petechiae, which are small red positions around burst blood vessels. The presence of petechiae can trigger an anti-inflammatory response that can reduce puffiness of the face, neck, and entire body. 

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines: The gua sha tool helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and smile lines when used consistently. Together, the consistent sweeping technique and the right pressure can reduce puffiness and reactivate stagnant tissues on the face to produce a youthful look. 

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Sculpt facial muscle: While gua sha massage cannot permanently alter your face shape, it can temporarily sculpt your muscles and taut your skin. Passing the gua sha tool across your jawline and cheekbones can give a temporary facelift, and using the same techniques on your neck can improve tense neck muscles.

Trigger collagen production: Depending on the gua sha technique applied, the massaging techniques on the skin produce mechanical stimuli that can activate the cells that produce collagen that can firm the skin and reverse aging. 

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How to do a gua sha routine 

The gua sha tool is simple to use and needs little effort. Here's how to use a gua sha in the comfort of your own home is as follows: 

  • Start by cleansing your skin with a hood facial cleanser like Dermaclara Claraprep Face Cleanser to remove makeup and residues. 

  • Apply a facial serum or oil all over your face and neck to ensure the gua sha slides smoothly all over your face. 

  • Hold the tool with your dominant hand, stabilizing it between your thumb and the rest of your fingers. 

  • At a 15-degree angle, press the gua sha against your skin and begin to apply light pressure.

  • Start by moving the gua sha tool upward and outward along your face. Focus beneath your eyes, along your cheekbones and jawline, and along your forehead.

  • Move down to your neck and move the tool upward and outward, and alternate downward too, pressing along your neck muscles. 

  • Focus more on areas where you experience puffiness or dullness. 

  • Repeat the strokes multiple times, preferably 5 to 8 times.

  • After, use a clean cloth to clean the oil residue off the tool. 

Does Gua Sha work? 

For many, simply moving a gua sha tool repeatedly may not seem like a practical skin treatment, hence the question: Does gua sha work? 

Based on history, the Chinese believed that gua sha worked properly, as traditional gua sha tools were made from natural materials like jade or rose quartz, which are popularly known for their cooling properties. Incorporating a gua sha into your skincare regimen can produce impressive results and also improve relaxation. Although there is no certified research on the effects of gua sha in respect to beauty and skincare, there have been impressive results in other aspects. 

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When to use gua sha in a skin care routine 

You can incorporate gua sha after moisturizing your skin with a moisturizer and applying a facial oil or serum. To stop inflammation and infection, make sure you use your gua sha or keep your face clean and hydrated.

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How often to use gua sha 

Do you want to know when to use gua sha in skin care routine? To get the desired effects, dermatologists advise getting a gua sha facial at least three times a week. You should ideally do it in the morning and before sleeping. However, there is no defined period to follow, as you can use your gua sha tool whenever you choose. 

How to Choose Your Gua Sha Tool

In addition to knowing when to use gua sha, you must also choose the right gua sha stone for face. Gua sha tools vary in size, design, and materials, and each type produces different gua sha results. The best gua sha tools are typically made from jade, as it provide a cooling effect. The right gua sha is also flat, well-curved, or defined to allow for easy use.

Jade has remained the popular material for gua sha tools as it is believed to have healing properties, according to Chinese mythology. It is also highly durable and can withstand pressure.  

When to Avoid Doing Gua Sha

While gua sha offers different benefits, this beauty tool is not a one-size-fits-all option, as you need to adhere to certain precautions. Ensure you do not use gua sha on dry skin to prevent irritation and inflammation. In addition, be gentle and avoid too much pressure while using this tool, as you expose yourself to further risks. Depending on how often to use gua sha, ensure you maintain the 15-degree angle as you scrape the gua sha tool all over your face and stick to your routine if you desire positive results.

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