Getting Ready for Fall

getting ready for fall

Fall, one of our favorite seasons, is almost here! Though the summer is sunny and fun, there's something satisfying about a newfound crispness in the air and a new school year.

But how can you get ready for fall? There are steps you can take to ready your home, your family, even your pets for one of the best seasons of the year.


Spring cleaning may be all the rage every year, but why not do the same for fall? Clean your home (or hire someone to do it) from top to bottom. So when the holidays roll around and family and friends visit, a deep clean may not need to be so, well, deep.

Add fall touches to your home. No need to switch out furniture or anything drastic like that. Give your home that autumnal feel by adding rich, earth-toned pillows and throws, hang up a wreath made of fallen leaves to the front door, or even change the lightbulbs in your home to rich amber ones, to give it a cozier feel. As far as the bedrooms, change out the bed linens to more neutral earth tones rather than whites. 


After the flurry and fun of summer, make fall a time to slow down and reconnect. Start new traditions like playing board games after dinner, taking family walks together on the weekend, or simply creating special one-on-one time with each family member. Honor the shortening days by having tech-free family time and conversation.


Whether you have a beloved cat or dog, why not get them ready for the colder weather, too? Fido would love a new sweater or cozier dog bed, and Kitty would appreciate a new, improved scratching post or new food. Because the days are getting shorter, your pup's walking schedule may need to be adjusted, as well.


Even though you may have taken very little time off during the summer (or none at all), treat work the same way you would treat back-to-school for your kids: with new clothes and a new attitude. It may just inspire you to take on more responsibilities, and it may inspire your boss to give you a promotion!


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